What to do when you’ve lost your MOJO?

I’m having so many clients who feel like they lost their mojo. Do you feel like your drive is gone, you feel lethargic or flat? Do you have things to do on that never-ending to-do list but don’t have the drive to get them done? Why does mojo matter? Mojo is your drive, your enthusiasm, you drive to get stuff done and it does so consistently and persistently.

When we want to create legacies, a functional business and a high performing lifestyle, we need that motivation.

Reasons why you could have lost your mojo

Physical and Lifestyle factors

Have a check-in with yourself. Do you have an underlying health condition that impacts your motivation, do you have irregular breathing, do you have hormonal issues?  Are there lifestyle factors going that are impacting your mojo? Do you have a lack of sleep? We use sleep deprivation as a form of torture. It is strategically used for a negative purpose. It shows you how important sleep is. How much deep sleep are you getting, how much REM sleep are you getting. Are you restless when you sleep? Are you waking up frequently or going to the bathroom a lot in the night? Are you too warm?

These are all things that impact your lifestyle factor when it comes to motivation. Are you under a great deal of stress? What is your stress level now? Think about it now. What is your stress rating? 0 being the lowest you can go 10 being maxed stressed. That would give you an indication.

Physical activity has an enormous impact on motivation. What nutrition are you putting into your body? We do emotional eating, putting not so great food into our body as a way of self-soothing. What is your alcohol intake? That all impacts your sleep and thus your motivation. When you use food and alcohol as a reward system, it can negatively impact your motivation. Also the simple fact of hydration. Are you drinking enough water? Check your hydration levels.


When I said physical and lifestyle factors you can tick the boxes of everything that is not great. If you are also burnt out, your adrenaline is been running high for too long, because you’ve been stressed, dealing with stuff in the last years. This will impact your motivation It’s like revving up a premium sports car with nothing in the tank. You’re not going to go very far.

So have a check-in with all those things and let's dive into motivation and how to get your mojo back.


Do you remember a time when you actually felt motivated? Think back, close your eyes. Ask yourself, when was the last time I felt so extremely motivated, to get stuff done, to achieve my goals, to build my legacy. What was that, when was that, how did you feel in those moments. What practices what you were doing when you were thinking back, what were you doing, with your health, with your sleep, with your physical activity, with your nutrition, with your hydration. What were you doing then?

The reason why I am asking you this is because if we don't know what we need to reconnect with, how on earth are we going to reconnect with it. It’s like chasing a golden unicorn. We don’t know what we don’t know if we don’t know how to find it or don’t know what it is we are trying to find. So reconnect with the state that you are trying to get back with.

Vision for a future legacy

Actually, rather than just looking back, try to get an outlook forward on your legacy. Because we don’t actually ever want to go back. We want to have mojo in the latest current version of yourself. Going forward to a future version of yourself. Talking about future versions, when we are talking about legacy and when we come to motivation, do you know what you want to create, do you know the vision for your future legacy? The reality is sometimes our motivation can just not be there because what we are trying to create we no longer want to create.

So do you know where you are going? What are the bigger visions for your business? With all the wonderful entrepreneurs I have been working with, what happens is that often, we build a business, and it’s all about how do you survive and keep the business going and how to start making money. At some point, the vision becomes superseded by the day to day activities. If it was even there in the first place. Once you are in business and moving along in it, why are you doing this? What are you trying to create in your business and your life?

If we don’t have our vision, it’s like getting in a car, using a GPS and we don’t know what we are typing in. We don’t know the zip code, the city, county. How do you expect to enter something in there if you don’t know where you are going. It’s the same thing when it comes to motivation. A reason why you might have not motivation now is that you don’t know where you are going. For what purpose are we doing everything. You can do this work through visions boards, hypnosis and guided meditations.

Release and let go

Is your vision still right for you?

What I want you to do is sit down and think about: What am I doing in business and in life. I’m always going to say to you: you’re a whole person, don’t separate business and life because they are always intertwined. So what are you doing, what are you creating and for what purpose? Is there are bigger reason what you are doing it for right now. Do you have enough impact on your vision?

Now that might not resonate with you and that’s okay. But what’s the bigger vision, what’s your legacy that you are creating for yourself, your family and the world as a whole.

We are coming out of covid, some people are in the middle of it. When we came to goal planning and vision setting, many people just paused it. That’s not where I am right now. I am not in a state to thrive and grow my business, I just need to survive. You might have heard yourself saying I just need to get through this time. So the bigger vision thing, the bigger picture, the thriving, abundance mindset might not have been available to you.

That can mean that you are working on a vision that is pre-pandemic. Now if your vision is pre-pandemic, I will ask you to check in with it. Is that still what current you want. Because you might have changed significantly during this pandemic. You may have realized that you’re not sure what is on your vision board, your goals or your bigger picture vision, this legacy that you are trying to create for yourself. Is even the truth anymore. It might just be gone, done. You might be a very different person right now, your situation may have changed. So we need to check in with the vision. If you have a past vision, if it is still what you want to create in the future.

Letting go of negative emotions

With the pandemic, there are so many things that have happened that are beyond your control in any regular or common business sense. Things happened that you could not have done anything about. You may be experiencing anger because of it. That’s okay. When we talk about vision and legacy building everything is supposed to be wonderful and perfect and that’s just not how it is in reality. Because there always is a duality to our emotions so you may be experiencing a form of grief or anger right now. Because it wasn’t in your control. This is where I’m going to say to you, release it.

Because if you are not processing that grief or that anger bout the things that have happened, it is still inside you. Even if you are trying to do the most amazing reframe in the world. It’s still in there, and it’s not going to be helping you. Because it normally lies in your stomach area. So it’s probably churning up in your gut right now. It’s not going to help you find your motivation.

Gift-giving is one of my love languages. After I had a conversation with a client I sent her a punchbag and gloves. She had some anger that she wanted to release. What we were going through were the techniques on how to release that anger, she fancied trying some boxing. I love doing it. It’s a great way of releasing things that are cropped up inside you in a very structured way. That’s the key here. If you don’t release anger, it comes out when we don’t want to, in a way we didn’t mean to say it. Having a concentrated form of how you control your anger or release the anger, can be so productive.

Another client that I took on an immersion day, an off-grid tailored immersion experience for your personality, we went to the coast of the UK. We had this stunning property with a stunning wall of glass where you could see the sea, just step out directly onto the sand. Their vision had changed with a significant relationship event. They needed to process that. On this immersion day, I got her to stand on a post. She was talking to the ocean and let go of her old vision she had for herself, to allow for the new one to come in. It’s always great to talk to nature and the universe. So once we clarified our legacy and released and let go what do we do next.

Accountability is a secret success weapon

Small steps. When I work with people and they got these huge to-do lists. They have 10 months mapped out. It feels overwhelming. That can keep you stuck again. That can bring you into an arrested state that why would you want to move forward. Especially if you still connecting with your motivation. That’s the thing with mojo. If you give your mojo little breadcrumbs or things to do, it will help you along. If you give your mojo these gigantic lists, it will say I’m fine no thank you.

Chuck down, that’s a term we use that means whatever you connected with your legacy, put it into smaller chunks that you can break down even further. If you want to set up a new side business, what is the next first step? Specifically the next FIRST step. That can sometimes give you the momentum that you need to keep moving forward. So once you have the next first step then chunk down into what to do the next day, the next week, the next month, next quarter even the next 6 months. How are you going to do this thing to bring your legacy to fruition.

Keep the chunks small, it will help with your motivation. And we all love ticking or crossing something off of a list. It’s a great way of making ourselves feel good. So how are you going to get that accountability, how are you going to find someone or something to keep you accountable. When your motivation is lacking, when your mojo feels like it is not with you at the time, even getting out of bed in the morning can feel like you climb Mount Everest.

So how or to whom are you going to be accountable. You can find so many resources for this. My one direction for this is to find someone, person or club who is going to hold you accountable. The first time you’re going to say I’m going to do this for and for a not so very valid reason won’t do it, the person just says oh I understand. Are they actually holding you accountable or not?


Changing attitude towards mojo

I’ve used the phrase ‘’I lost my mojo. If you in your mind right now are saying to yourself I’ve lost my mojo, I’m going to ask you straight away to stop doing that. Why? Because when you say that there is nowhere for your mind to go. It’s not a helpful statement because your mind just goes to a full stop. What we need is a forward positive language frame. If you are saying that, reframe it for me into ‘’I could do with more motivation’’. Or what can I do today to be more motivated? Can you feel the energy of those two? As soon as you say them what happens is that your mind starts to go: okay this is a question and starts to work on working on the ways to get more motivation.

The thing with the mind is that when you ask it a question, even if you try to ignore me right now, that question is in your mind and going to process this. It might lead to it starting to avoid distractions, put away social media, let’s do this, lets hydrate, let’s eat, let’s have a walk whatever it might be, your subconscious mind is going to give you all this help. In that mindset, we start becoming resourceful. That’s one thing we feel when we lost our mojo is we feel unresourceful, we don’t know what the first next step is we can’t do anything, spend a day at the computer and don’t get much done. Is that resonating with you? What could you do today to be more motivated?

Connection to dreaming

When we are in survival mode, we shut down anything that becomes a non-necessity to us surviving. When our lizard brain fight or flight instinct is activated, some functions of the body stop receiving blood flowing to them. For instance, we remove blood from the digestive system. When you’re in distress, it doesn’t make sense for you to prepare to eat a meal. It makes more sense to put everything into the legs,  they need to run to the hands because they are about to fight.

Another thing that happens in survival mode, is that we stop dreaming. The mind is processing what it perceives as threats. So threats to our primary safety are, definitely over the pandemic timeframe, impact on our wellbeing, livelihoods, financial situation, family.

If you're in survival mode and assessing threats all the time your mind isn't thinking about dreaming, nor thinking what is the best thing that can happen to your business. It is not capable of creating a vision of what would I love, what is that dream, that dream client, that dream piece of work I am in right now that would make me jump a hole in the clouds. Are you dreaming, are you daring what you could create in this world? Are you daring to create a future legacy? I really do hope so.

I'm going to finish this with a powerful question that can start this process. To move us out of survival with lost mojo to starting to get back into thriving mode, start thinking about what direction to go in, getting motivation back. What is the best thing that can happen today? What is the best thing? THE best thing that is going to happen today. What’s your answer?

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