How Writing your own Eulogy can Enable you to Live your Best Life Now

coaching legacy mindset Jun 29, 2021

Diving straight in today and talking about a topic that many find difficult: death.  

You see in the western world death is scary. We can have trauma from the death of a loved one. And death is an uncontrollable event.

I’m not talking about the afterlife or next lives today, so any woo-woo avoiders; don’t worry.

What I am talking about is that if you want to live your best life, go to the end and a very specific part of the ending: your eulogy.

This is not a theory-based blog post today, this is a creative exercise that I’m going to encourage you to do. A note that this experience with clients can have a profound impact on people, with urgency and clarity.

So before we dive into the how, yes overachievers I’m going to make you wait a little longer, let’s talk about why.

We can live in the present day, using our past legacies to influence how we show up in the present-day version of ourselves. In society it can be about immediate gratification...

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How to Define your Legacy

coaching legacy Jun 24, 2021


What I love about helping entrepreneurs and business owners define their legacy, is that at any moment you don’t know where a conversation might go.

You see, as far as I’m concerned, every human is looking to define their legacy even if they don’t use that particular language around it. And in this context, we are talking about legacy future, once our souls are no longer on this planet.

Some are under the impression that legacy is only to be found in material circumstances. Some are carrying the presuppositions from family as to what a legacy should look like. Some are only focusing on the external shifts that need to happen to create a future legacy rather than shifting their own internal experience.

And for some, which is where we are focusing today, they are struggling to define their future legacy from their present mindset and legacy.

Story Time...

Let me share with you a story from my upbringing as to how defining our future legacy from the...

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