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Laura Payne-Stanley, TEDx Speaker:
What Seduction Can Teach Us
About Customer Experience

About Laura...

Laura Payne-Stanley is an entrepreneur and frequent keynote speaker on the topics of neuroscience, marketing and success.

As a certified coach, Laura provides success support to entrepreneurs, visionaries and power couples to close the gap from where they are, to designing and creating a live they love and ongoing legacy.

Her clients include coaches, millionaire entrepreneurs, directors, elite athletes and couples.

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Example Keynote Speaker Topics :

Elevate your mind through the power of language.

What seduction can teach us about marketing.

Desire & Drive: Access to true power.

Further examples:

Ageing and building confidence.

How to navigate social bias regarding age.

Grey hairs are like promotions, you earned them and now to make them work for you.

What seduction can teach us about marketing.

Working with the tonality of intrigue along with desire-based marketing techniques, Laura cheekily explains how to activate human idiosyncrasies to satisfy a customer’s needs.

Making the World Work for You as a Curious Introvert.

Introverts sometimes feel the need to change themselves to fit in, but Laura suggests that being true to yourself can open up a brand-new world. In fact, curious introverts can leverage that quality, adapting existing tactics to make the world work for them.

The Art of Innovation.

Whether an industry is slowing down or you need a personal slow down, innovation is the path to long term success for our creative soul and commercial success.


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