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Before you scroll any further - check out my TEDx talk on what seduction can teach us about Customer Experience.

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The House of Seductology

Calling all visionaries, empire builders
and power couples.

You are here creating an impact in your industry. You are here building a legacy for you and your family.
And it drives you and occupies your mind.

But in the stillness of life, the whispers come:

I want more, I can impact more.
I’m meant for more.

A feeling of constructs and blindspots that are keeping you prisoner.

And stopping you reaching your greatest potential - in business, your performance and your relationships.

Illuminating the way for visionaries
to create their legacy through mastery.

Remove all blind spots and blocks
that are stopping you from achieving 
mental mastery and true freedom
in your life, your business
and your relationships.
Create a legacy that you love.


Whether you are the visionary or in a relationship with a visionary entrepreneur, learn how to connect with your primal desires & achieve deeper intimacy in all realms - emotionally, intellectually, sexually, financially.


What you do know is that you are tenacious and it had lead you to the results you have achieved so far.

A level of mastery in your field, but your true vision and desires feel just out of reach.

Freedom feels elusive.

And the empire that you’ve been building has started to feel like a prison.


"Throughout the past three years, Laura taught me to look at the bigger picture and really, really want it!

I don’t think my time with Laura is up; it might never be as she has given me a different perception to business and life. For that, I will remain eternally grateful."

Paula Rooney
Floral Designer, UK

What if there is another way to show up and serve at a greater level?

Are you ready?

Laura helps people break the constructs of the world they have always known, the legacies and constraints that are holding them back - to transcend to changing their lives and creating
their ultimate legacy.


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