For Coaches:

Some call you a coach, others call you a mentor or consultant, maybe even a trusted advisor or a confident. No matter what you call yourself or the professional title you identify with, you know that you are hear to serve your clients at a high level and be compensated as such.

Immersion/ Acelerator Experience.

I see you.

No matter where you are on your business journey, from new to established the 1 day accelerator creates extraordinary results in mindset aka your internal world and for your business.

Perhaps you are fed up with being stuck at a revenue level that doesn’t reflect your knowledge/ experience or impact for your clients?

Or perhaps you need a strategy for how to add in consulting to your existing business?

The days are designed exclusively with you in mind, including the location. Locations for previous days have been a New York loft, Mallorca luxury James Bond style villa, rural Scottish Highlands wall of glass cabin retreat, Forest immersion with a log cabin, South Coast award winning architectural seaview location and wall to wall whiteboards at my offices.

The 1 day accelerator is the start as you and I will also work together for 30 days following the accelerator with 2 x 1 hour sessions.

Client investment at this level starts from £2897 to £15,000 to create a multi day accelerator to surprise your every vision of what is possible.



Coaching is a transformational calling and business. I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of coaches from newly qualified to 30 year established coaches, and there is a truth that I have found.

There are two aspects that are required to have a success coaching practice :

1) The art and skill of master coaching

2) The business of coaching

When either of these aspects are out of balance, then ask yourself are you setting up for success to have a successful coaching practice? .

The apprenticeship program is highly personalized and currently running in it’s 4th year.

It is a high level program that focuses on the art of coaching, the business of coaching, coaching supervision, an immersion in-person experience and mentorship as you grow and scale your coaching offering.

It has never been advertised and is by invitation only.


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