Making Money Easily

When it comes to the topic of making money easily, I frequently encounter in my work that clients subconsciously do not want to do it. Your mind is the driver even when you don’t think when it’s in the driver’s seat. Why do we want to make it really hard for people to pay us? You think ‘’of course I want to make money easily Laura.’’

We can self-sabotage when it comes to making money easily.  We can make it really hard for people to pay us. So this coaching blog is about your subconscious mind with some conscious mind tips and tricks you can do to have some instant gratification now on implementing if you want to.

Reasons why you could be yourself holding back

Ancestral narratives

If you come from a long family line of hard workers, you might have an ancestral narrative that says that you need to be a hard worker too. Which turns into the belief that you need to work hard to earn money. And if you haven’t done enough hard work you won’t earn money. You could make it really hard for yourself and need to do a lot more work for the money that you earn.

Tribal behaviour.

I love to refer to prehistoric times in sabretooth tiger land. During those times being part of a tribe was what kept you alive. If you left the tribe they would pull you back in because you wouldn’t be able to survive without them. In modern times this can be compared to family or society. If this tribe has an upper limit, which you subconsciously agree to, but is no longer your upper limit, we run into some issues.

I had some of these limit issues. When I and my husband bought our latest house, which was bigger than either of us grew up in, we surpassed what our blood tribes had achieved which led to some resistance for a while. It had to be identified to move through it.

Generational wounds

Every family has their own stories about business and money. One of my client's father had a partner that stole all the money out of their business and ran off. This betrayal became family folklore. That wound had been passed down a generation and led my client, having a general distrust when it came to collaborations.

Generational wounds can show up in many facets of our business or personal lives. No judgement towards these stories, you just need to understand how these stories impact how you make money. Dive in, see if there is a generational, ancestral belief, family law or anything around money that could be stopping you or blocking you from making money easily. Generational wounds can still be open or not have healed and it will be your turn to heal from that wound.


Serving Instant Gratification People

How do your serve instant gratification people? They have no patience, they want to buy something and they want to buy it now. Do you have anything they can buy immediately? Do you have an easy to buy option? Here are some things you can implement right now to make money more easily.

Sales page

Is your sales page really easy to understand? Is it obvious for someone to say ‘’I’m in, hell yes, hands up in the air, I want to buy this!’’ This can easily be done with an easy sales button. It needs to be big and bold and easy with clear language. If you show me something confusing, I’m very likely to click off. I want it to be easy to give you my money. If you give me one barrier I’m out.

Don’t hide what you want someone to do. Do not make the button the same colour as the background, do not make it a link buried in the text, make sure it’s so obvious for them what to do. It might be a buy now button, it might be a button to schedule a call.

Mobile Friendly

Just make sure your website is mobile-friendly. We can forget that a predominant amount of our buyers will buy via mobile, but forget to adjust our websites. Especially if you got a great social media strategy. That may impact if you don’t have a responsive website. People will be on be social media, click through and the website will look wonky and click off.

Service-Based Business

If you run a service-based business, I want you to ask yourself right now, how easy is it to book an appointment with you. Is it obvious of a member of your ideal client market to go to your website and understand how to book an appointment with you?

I have an example recently of this with a restaurant. I wanted to book a table and the restaurant had an online booking system. They were doing well from that point of view. However, the booking system was limited to putting in your preferred date and how many people you wanted to put on the reservation.

When there were no available tables on my preferred day, I had to go back and manually put in another date and people. It did not suggest another day when there was an available table. It was too difficult and I clicked off.

Digital Contracts

When you send someone a contract, how easy is it for your clients to sign that contract and return it to you? Recently I booked someone’s services and they sent a contract. But they hadn’t set it up as an online contract.

The only option I had was to print the contract, sign it, scan or take a photo of it with my phone, then email it back to myself, save it in a folder to send it back to the person.

That was so many more steps than it needed to be. If you have a service-based business right now with contracts I’d say do them online. Send them to someone to sign and file them online. And it will take them roughly a minute to functionally sign and send back the contract.

Accounting systems

Similarly with accounting systems. How easy are you making it for them to give you their money? You can do this through an accounting system such as stripe. Recently I could only pay someone by going into my company bank account, enter them as a new payee and then transferring the money.

They had no functionality like PayPal or anything whatsoever. I’m an instant person, I want to give you my money willingly, right now.

Referral Recommendations

This can also happen with referral recommendations. In Facebook groups when someone asks who can recommend someone for a certain service, if you now recommend someone or yourself, do not post a link to your homepage. You are making it harder for someone to know the next step.

If someone is interested in working with you, what do you want them to do. Do you want them to book a call, send them to the book a call page. If you want them to buy something send them to the sales page. Don’t ever send someone to a home page. If someone asks for a specific thing you send them somewhere relevant to their request.

What’s the next step?

I had this recently with a new client when I was talking about online networking. We talked about what’s the next step. If you’re networking with someone what do you want them to do?

Do you want them to book a call with you? Email information? Even on what social media platform do you want them to connect with you? If you don’t like doing emails, why would you give them your email address when networking. If you’re on Linked-In all the time and you love it, give them your Linked-In profile.

Booking a call

When booking a call, please don’t do email ping pong. You spent hours sending emails back and forth trying to figure out a date and time that’s right. If you don’t already have it, set up a booking system that allows people to book in with you.

You just send someone a link and say book yourself in at a relevant time. If you never used these before, you need to use an online calendar yourself because it will book them in the empty spaces when you’re not doing something.


If you have a really good SEO and blogging strategy that is working for you and converting clients. Make sure all the links work inside of the blogposts. If someone has found you through search and they go to a blog post, there’s nothing worse than a dead link. If a 404 error appears when a page no longer exists, most people will not look for another link and just click off.

Site Load Times

Please make sure the load times on your site are short. My brain works really fast in different directions.  If I’m on a site, intrigued and want to buy something, if I’m sat there waiting for a page to load, most times I will click off and go somewhere else. I won’t wait for 10 seconds for your page to load because of too many images or graphics.

Customer Journey

Pretend you are one of your own clients and go through everything you do and see if it’s really obvious. Sometimes it is hard to be objective so find your least techy friend, your mum, dad, aunt who does not know intimately what you do and ask them to go through your site.

Know your audience

You have to know your ideal client, how they want to spend and make money easily with you. If I create meditation for people who are googling how to go back to sleep when you wake up at night.

Doing that frustrated at 2 am and they just want to sleep. They want to buy it, they’re frustrated, they are not likely to get out of bed to find a credit card to pay for this. You want to make it really easy for them so they can pay for it right now, do the meditation and go back to sleep. How can you make it easy for them?

Recurring payments

When we talk about making money. There is nothing quicker to lower your vibration with money than to say to a client: I sent you the invoice, pay me, pay me, pay me. I hate chasing money.

If you don’t have recurring payments, set it up so it happens on automation. As a client from the outside, I have more things to do, I don’t want you to send me an invoice every month. It’s creating more work when none needs to be present.

Thank You Pages

If someone bought something from you and the thank you page just says thank you for buying, the client can be confused because they don’t know what’s supposed to happen next.

Are they supposed to get an email, download their product on that page? Thank you, pages are such an important part of real estate in your process but make sure you’re using them. You have to future pace your clients. When someone books a call with you, you need to tell them what’s happening next. Are you telling them?


If you have more than one product to sell, how can someone buy more than one product from you? Do not make your customers work hard to shop with you. When you’re on the cart page and there is no continue shopping button you might wonder if the item will no longer be in the cart when you press back.

If you have linked products that make sense for your ideal client to spend more money with you, are you telling them about it? If you ever bought an electronic toy for a child how many parents love when the site offers batteries. Because there is nothing worse when it arrives and you need to go to the shop and buy the batteries.

A great example is when I recently had to buy a new journal after my favourite journal went out of production forever. For me changing journals is a big thing. I was going to buy a couple and see which one felt right. One of the retailers did this beautifully.

When I put the journal in the basket it showed me a variety of pens I could buy. It was a whole new buying experience. I would love to buy a new pen with my new journal. That person made more money from me easily because they gave me more options.

Why self-sabotage

I know that all of the things I mentioned above seem very easy and you might think why am I not doing this. You could be avoiding them, doing self-sabotage. Why are you doing that?

What if you don’t promote my book, course, whatever you have. Then people can’t buy it, can’t judge you and can’t be ridiculed, and people can’t say I’m a fake. This is known as imposter syndrome.

If you’re based in the UK and you’re new or starting out, if you don’t make money easily, then you don’t have to worry about the VAT limit so if you don’t sell easily then I don’t have to figure out VAT. If that’s the case you could be self-sabotaging because you don’t want to hit that limit.

You could be self-sabotaging because of hiring. If you make money easily you will have to start to think about a team because you can’t do it all by yourself and that can make you uncomfortable. So if you don’t make money easily, you don’t have to deal with hiring because it’s just you.

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