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My clients work in weddings, events; they are photographers, coaches, consultants, mentors, speakers. Some work outside of these industries but there is a truth to all of them, they are mould-breakers, they seek to create impact in their industry, they are here to build a legacy that outlasts them.

They are tenacious and have reached mastery in their field.

They are also human, and subject to blindspots and foibles that are keeping them from reaching their greatest potential.

I work with most clients from 6 months to three years.  I have several clients who’ve work with me for over 6 years and one client who has worked with me since 2013.

I work with individuals and couples. I’ve worked with CEOs of multi-million pound corporations.  I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, professional speakers, renowned photographers, an arena sell-out singer, a billionaire, commercial pilot, Forbes 40 under 40 founder, award-winning activist, and entrepreneurial late bloomers.


My coaching is not for the faint hearted.

I am not your typical coach and don’t want to focus on fixing the symptoms.

I go much deeper and hold space, creating trust and candor and I’m constantly amazed at what results are generated when two or three people sit together, speak, listen and integrate on a soul level.

I create transformational change at the core level that ripples through into all aspects of life including business success.

Your tenacity and persona has got you this far. Your narratives, your beliefs, your values, they have all played a part in getting you to this level of success, however you define that to be.

And now, in the stillness of your life, you know that they are the thing that is holding you back.

You want more in all areas.

My clients report back a combination of some or all of the following results of our work together:

  • Clarity on their purpose in life
  • Success that is more meaningful and fulfilling
  • Greater courage to step out of the containers that don’t lead to a legacy life
  • Enhanced ability to create aligned successful results in their business
  • Beautiful intimacy and communications in their relationships
  • Greater understanding of self – resulting one client to “start the coaching as a 43 year old straight woman and finished a 43 year old gay one

A carefully curated coaching journey for those who are courageous enough to live a legacy life

Containers previously created for Clients

Private Success Support

The private success support follows an emerging coaching and personalised framework that is bespoke to you.

Think of it like the Michelin-starred experience of the trusted advisor and coaching world.

Designed around you, your needs and time available, each support client receives a tailored experience.

Can include coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy, consulting and other areas on a client specific basis.

Relationship Support

Couples choose to work with me in couples support to deepen their intimacy in all aspects from the business to the bedroom, and beyond. Learning how to reconnect as the power dynamic changes, learning how to communicate with their soul partner and discuss desire and libido discrepancies.

As a certified psychosexual therapist, I work with the couples together and separately, during the couples support program, remotely or in person.

Couples start by going through an assessment process, involving joint and individual sessions and diagnostic questionnaires before agreeing on the benefits and focus for couples support longer term.

Immersion Retreats

The days are designed exclusively with you in mind, including
the location.

Locations for previous days have been a New York loft, Mallorca luxury James Bond style villa, rural Scottish Highlands wall of
glass cabin retreat, Forest immersion with a log cabin,
South Coast award winning architectural seaview location and
wall to wall whiteboards at my offices.

Injection Vortex

Let’s give you the space & strategy to move forwards!

Together in a 2-hour space, we will talk through the topic critical to your growth and you’ll leave with clarity on your next steps.

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