How Imagineering can help entrepreneurs

Following training to become a certified coach and hypnotherapist, I was left lacking when I tried the usual techniques such as visualising and vision boarding, for connecting with my why and what I was actually trying to create.

I offer hypnosis as part of my extended coaching services to reprogram a wide range of lifestyle and business issues. Hypnosis is a powerful technique and I’ve observed clients connecting with some of their true desires through hypnotherapy.

So I sought out a method that combined coaching and hypnotherapy for connecting with your goals, your true desires and what it actually is that you desire to create. And guess what? I couldn’t find any that resonated.

This is why I set about creating my own unique training method called Imagineering. A practical, hypnotherapy based approach around Ericksonian hypnosis created by psychiatrist Milton Erickson. Imagineering combines light trance hypnotherapy with powerful coaching techniques that has allowed my clients to achieve extraordinary results, and has become sought-after.

So what exactly is Imagineering?

Although Imagineering uses hypnosis as part of its method, the process itself is much more than that, as it also focuses on clearing limiting beliefs and engaging the psychological drivers behind success.

Resistance isn’t a problem

For many Imagineering is often the first experience people have had of hypnosis or trance. You don’t need to be experienced in hypnosis to fully appreciate the experience, as it is delivered by a Master Hypnotherapist!

It can be life changing

A beautiful experience happens when people become connected for the first time with their true desires, without fear or judgement, however big or small, true aligned goals are created.

Different to other goal setting

Imagineering is different to other goal setting techniques, think of it as vision boarding, visualisation and traditional goal setting taken to the next level. Imagineering achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly.

Individual or Group

Imagineering sessions are created depending on the requirements, and can be run with large groups or on a 1-2-1 person basis as an individual session, or as part my Signature Programme or Accelerator Days.

What if you could finally be in a space to dream bigger than ever before? To be guided by a registered Master Hypnotherapist and Coach to connect with your unique goals, that maybe even you aren’t aware of?

Do you want to experience some visualisation techniques first hand? If so take a look at my Events page to see when I'm next running my
Dream Drive Thrive Live masterclass

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