Self-Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs

As a businesswoman for over a decade, I have seen and experienced first-hand the struggles that women have when pursuing their goals, especially when they don’t focus on the inner work of being an entrepreneur. I have the honour of working with entrepreneurs from all stages of new startups to executive women planning their exit strategy, to floral designers in residence at a top London Hotel. 

The Inner Job of Being

For many years hypnosis was seen as something for woo-woo hippy types or as a trick that was done on stage where people danced around like a chicken. However today, hypnosis has turned into a staple for many entrepreneurs and executives from everything to dealing with stress, building confidence to working through long-held limiting beliefs since childhood.

I focus on a mix of hypnotherapy and coaching to maximizing women’s effectiveness in business or careers and to help them overcome obstacles that are currently perceived in their way to achieving this. Confidence is also a huge area that comes up, even for highly successful people, as every time we hit a new level, there is a new devil that we need to deal with and breakthrough. 

Self-Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs

Before we begin, know that this is your time so make sure you are in a safe environment, so no driving, walking or operating machinery. Also go somewhere to reduce distractions such as phone, television, computer or anything that may break your concentration. 

1. Sit in a chair, with your legs and arms uncrossed

People often wish to lay down, but doing so for self-hypnosis may likely cause you to fall asleep.

2. Look up to the highest point on the wall in front of you. 

Facing the wall or area in front of you, look to the highest point without forcing your head to look at the sky or ceiling above. Pick a point on that area and fix your gaze onto it. Now take a round of 3 deep breaths whilst looking at that point. Now, out-loud inside your head so only you can hear, repeat “My eyes are heavy and want to close now. “ 

Repeat this until your eyes are closed if they are not already so. Keep them closed in a natural way, noticing that they feel heavy and you can’t open them even if you wish to. 

3. Go deeper

With your eyes closed and body becoming relaxed, your chin might start to drop to your chest. Now count from 1 to 5 and say that you are becoming more and more relaxed with every number. Noticing your breathing and how relaxed you feel. 

4. More confidence

Whilst we are in this delightful and relaxed state, whisper to your subconscious mind that you are a confident and amazing woman. Repeat this 4-6 times and once done, hold it and notice the feeling running through your body. 

5. Back in the room

When you feel yourself becoming more aware of your surroundings again, tell yourself that you are going to count back from 5 to 1 and with each number you are going to find yourself with more energy and confidence. Once you are back at 1, say 1 and back in the room. 

Open your eyes, have a stretch and notice what you notice. 

Depending on how experienced at hypnosis or meditation, you may feel full of energy or a little drowsy as your body, mind and soul enjoyed the delightful and relaxing state. If you do feel drowsy, make sure you wait to go out, drive or operate machinery until you are fully awake and engaged. 

You can engage in Hypnosis as often or as frequent as you like. However, for some people, self-hypnosis can be difficult. 

If this is you and you’d like to have a personal hypnotherapy session, why not take up my special Imbolc offer and book your power hour hypnotherapy session

We will work together for a whole blissful and life-changing day, to clear blocks, release limiting believes and leave you an elevated version of yourself for the future.



Self-hypnosis should only be done in a safe environment, and never whilst driving, walking or operating machinery. 


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