Wielding Legacy

Wielding Legacy

Hosted by: Laura Payne-Stanley

The Wielding Legacy Podcast is designed for anyone desiring to remove those narratives, limiting beliefs and generational wounds that are keeping them stuck, and stopping them from creating a legacy life they...


The 3L Theory

Season #1 Episode #101

In our first episode I’m going to talk about the 3L theory and why it’s so important to focus continually on the triad of all 3 parts. Legacy past, Legacy present and Legacy future
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How to Move Past Legacy Mindset that is Keeping You Stuck

Season #1 Episode #102

In this episode we are going to be focusing on Past Legacy mindset that can be keeping you stuck, or is coming into the present. Specifically focusing on Ancestral beliefs or patterns. Do you have any thoughts,...
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How to Erroneously Define our Legacy

Season #1 Episode #103

Let me share with you a story from my upbringing as to how defining our future legacy from the present moment can show up. I come from what would be categorised as a lower middle class family. We went on package...
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You Want to Live Your Best Life, Go to the End

Season #1 Episode #104

By focusing on the end of our lives, we create a clarity around the magnetic pull that draws us forward. We can have crystal clear insight into our vision, our priorities and the next steps that we need to take to...
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The Streisand Effect on Future Legacy

Season #1 Episode #105

The Streisand Effect... It has been labelled as a social phenomenon by “The Economist” that occurs when we attempt to hide, remove or censor information, it has the unintended consequence of amplifying it. So what has...
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Employee vs Entrepreneur Mindset

Season #1 Episode #106

This episode should come with a potential trigger warning as we are going to be diving into whether you are actually creating your dream life, complete with legacy building business or are you creating a job under the...
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How to Stop Self-Sabotaging, Where you are Seeking Out the Negative

Season #1 Episode #107

So what exactly is self sabotage? Well there are many definitions including when part of your personality acts in conflict with another part of your personality. It is said to be self sabotaging when your behaviour...
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Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt

Season #1 Episode #108

Imposter Syndrome is closely linked with perfectionism, with your ‘good enough’ never being ‘good enough’ to feel at one. More stress, and even more success, brings about even more heightened Imposter Syndrome. Seeing...
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How to Stop Self-Sabotaging, Part 2

Season #1 Episode #109

You need to then take the time to consciously evaluate the decision in terms of self-sabotage. Will the decision make you feel awesome, proud and positive for the duration or can you see the scope for negativity? Your...
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Money Dams

Season #1 Episode #110

Welcome to the latest Wielding Legacy and you’ve guessed it from the title, we are doing some deep work today on money dams. So what is a money dam? It is a set of narratives or beliefs that is keeping money from...
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How to Heal from Money Dams

Season #1 Episode #111

In this episode we are going to be looking at limiting beliefs that block money healing, identifying them and clearing them. The reality is that you may have done work before on this and not had success, and the...
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Have you Lost Your Mojo?

Season #1 Episode #112

So let me ask you, do you feel like your drive has gone? Do you feel flat and lethargic? Do you have thing to do, but don’t have the drive to get them done? So let’s talk about why mojo matters. Mojo is your drive,...
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