Wielding Legacy

Wielding Legacy

Hosted by: Laura Payne-Stanley

The Wielding Legacy Podcast is designed for anyone desiring to remove those narratives, limiting beliefs and generational wounds that are keeping them stuck, and stopping them from creating a legacy life they...


Jennifer Constant - Living a nonconformist life.

Season #2 Episode #201

In the first episode of season 2 of Wielding Legacy, I'm talking with Jennifer Constant. A multi 6 figure entrepreneur, a mum to 2 and part of a Freedom Loving Nomadic Family. In this episode of Wielding Legacy, we...
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Elliot House - Exercising Your Let Go Muscle

Season #2 Episode #202

In the second episode of season 2, I'm talking with Elliot House; Head Marketer, Breath Coach and Yoga Teacher. As well as being an all-round inspirational person. You are not going to want to miss this...
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Chelsea Abril - You Can And You Will

Season #2 Episode #203

In the third episode of Wielding Legacy - which I can only sum up as deliciously fun and sassy - my guest, Chelsea Abril, and I also delve into creating a legacy when you don’t see a cultural representation of the...
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Paula Rooney - Embracing The Power Of No

Season #2 Episode #204

In episode 4 of Wielding Legacy, I am joined by a joyous human, a lady I have known as a client for a very long time, someone who bucks industry trends and has decided to take her business to the next level from her...
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Tigz Rice - Forging New Paths

Season #2 Episode #205

Welcome to today’s episode of Wielding Legacy Conversation where I am joined by Tigz Rice. Tigz is a UK photographer who was voted the world’s leading female burlesque photographer, she is also an award-winning author...
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Chris Williams - The Ripple Effect

Season #2 Episode #206

Welcome to a potentially tough Wielding Legacy conversation. I say tough, because my amazing guest and fellow TEDx speaker today is Chris Williams, and we are discussing suicide, mental health and depression as you...
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Daisy Amodio - Trusting Your Gut

Season #2 Episode #207

In this episode of Wielding Legacy, I am joined by my client and extraordinary entrepreneur Daisy Amodio, a trailblazing business woman who started the whole proposal planning industry and is also an international...
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Kelly & James West - Family Firsts

Season #2 Episode #208

Welcome! In this episode of Wielding Legacy Conversation, I get to welcome two friends to the podcast, entrepreneurial couple and founders of a new concept in networking Kelly & James West from The ONLE Network,...
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Melissa Anne - Healing Journeys

Season #2 Episode #209

Welcome friends to today’s Wielding Legacy Conversation and today I am welcoming Melissa Anne to the podcast, who is a health and wellness blogger, mental health podcast host, and full service brand strategist for...
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Nisha Haq - The Three P's

Season #2 Episode #210

Welcome friends to today’s Wielding Legacy Conversation and today I am welcoming a lady who really does bring the zest into business and any room she is in, an amazing visual brand specialist Nisha Haq. In this...
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Steph Zakas - Trust in Yourself

Season #2 Episode #211

Welcome to today’s Wielding Legacy episode, where I discuss Legacy with someone who's a rebel, an anarchist - someone who has achieved so much in her life; success coach and creative Steph Zakas. Find out in this...
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