How to Scale a Coaching Business

coaching mindset sell more Apr 21, 2021

I wouldn't be the in-demand, high-level coach that I am if I didn't start by asking a question rather than answering this one. The question being how to scale your coaching business?

The question I want to ask you is why do you want to scale your coaching business?

Could you feel the impact of that question? And you do need to answer this before moving on. Because if you don’t know why you want to scale your coaching business, then 'how' is irrelevant.

It might seem like a strange question to ask, but I often have conversations with people who want to scale their coaching businesses to six figures, seven figures, and beyond.

From the hundreds of personal clients that I've had and 1000s of people that I've worked with through courses and from the stage, I've learnt that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to scaling coaching practices.

This is how I work as a powerful coach. I ask the questions that you need to be asked, not answer the questions that you would like.

For hypothetical reasons, let's use the realms of the seven-figure coaching business and see how it is simple to scale.

There are two options: deep or wide.

Wide coaching

The reason that I call this wide coaching is that you are looking to sell a quantity of a product, course membership or service. In essence, it is a numbers game that you are looking for, to grow and scale your coaching business.

To make a wide coaching strategy work, you need numbers. You will need a large audience, or have access to one.

Deep coaching 

The theory of deep coaching works on higher price and less quantity of customers. This can be through group coaching, potentially courses if high-end and also personal 121 clients.

To make it even achievable to reach 7 figures, your price point has to allow you to make, at least in theory, a million pounds without you burning out.  

So whilst you've come here to answer the question of how to scale your coaching business, I want you to answer me right now: which one resonates with you?

Do you want to grow a wide coaching business with a volume of numbers?

Or do you want to grow a deep coaching business with fewer numbers and a higher price point?

Answer that question. Then the follow-up questions of how to scale and the tactical implementation of them are easy to work out.

If you are looking for more information on this, I recommend checking out my guide to selling consulting services or book a call with me.



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