Wielding Legacy

Wielding Legacy

Hosted by: Laura Payne-Stanley

The Wielding Legacy Podcast is designed for anyone desiring to remove those narratives, limiting beliefs and generational wounds that are keeping them stuck, and stopping them from creating a legacy life they...


The REAL secret to vision boards

Season #1 Episode #125

Ever wondered how to make vision boards the ultimate powerful part of your year planning. We are talking about vision boards, goals, dreams and legacy building in today's episode. Covering in this episode: Why...
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Jennifer Constant - Living a nonconformist life.

Season #2 Episode #201

In the first episode of season 2 of Wielding Legacy, I'm talking with Jennifer Constant. A multi 6 figure entrepreneur, a mum to 2 and part of a Freedom Loving Nomadic Family. In this episode of Wielding Legacy, we...
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Elliot House - Exercising Your Let Go Muscle

Season #2 Episode #202

In the second episode of season 2, I'm talking with Elliot House; Head Marketer, Breath Coach and Yoga Teacher. As well as being an all-round inspirational person. You are not going to want to miss this...
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Chelsea Abril - You Can And You Will

Season #2 Episode #203

In the third episode of Wielding Legacy - which I can only sum up as deliciously fun and sassy - my guest, Chelsea Abril, and I also delve into creating a legacy when you don’t see a cultural representation of the...
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Paula Rooney - Embracing The Power Of No

Season #2 Episode #204

In episode 4 of Wielding Legacy, I am joined by a joyous human, a lady I have known as a client for a very long time, someone who bucks industry trends and has decided to take her business to the next level from her...
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Tigz Rice - Forging New Paths

Season #2 Episode #205

Welcome to today’s episode of Wielding Legacy Conversation where I am joined by Tigz Rice. Tigz is a UK photographer who was voted the world’s leading female burlesque photographer, she is also an award-winning author...
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Chris Williams - The Ripple Effect

Season #2 Episode #206

Welcome to a potentially tough Wielding Legacy conversation. I say tough, because my amazing guest and fellow TEDx speaker today is Chris Williams, and we are discussing suicide, mental health and depression as you...
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Daisy Amodio - Trusting Your Gut

Season #2 Episode #207

In this episode of Wielding Legacy, I am joined by my client and extraordinary entrepreneur Daisy Amodio, a trailblazing business woman who started the whole proposal planning industry and is also an international...
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Kelly & James West - Family Firsts

Season #2 Episode #208

Welcome! In this episode of Wielding Legacy Conversation, I get to welcome two friends to the podcast, entrepreneurial couple and founders of a new concept in networking Kelly & James West from The ONLE Network,...
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Melissa Anne - Healing Journeys

Season #2 Episode #209

Welcome friends to today’s Wielding Legacy Conversation and today I am welcoming Melissa Anne to the podcast, who is a health and wellness blogger, mental health podcast host, and full service brand strategist for...
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Nisha Haq - The Three P's

Season #2 Episode #210

Welcome friends to today’s Wielding Legacy Conversation and today I am welcoming a lady who really does bring the zest into business and any room she is in, an amazing visual brand specialist Nisha Haq. In this...
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Steph Zakas - Trust in Yourself

Season #2 Episode #211

Welcome to today’s Wielding Legacy episode, where I discuss Legacy with someone who's a rebel, an anarchist - someone who has achieved so much in her life; success coach and creative Steph Zakas. Find out in this...
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