Embracing Hygge Vibes This Summer

Even though it's scorching summer outside, I've been thinking about embracing hygge vibes lately. Yeah, I know - typically it's a winter thing, but hear me out. Those Danes really know what they're doing with this whole cozy contentment concept, and I reckon we could use a bit of that chill energy year-round. So, here's my take on bringing some hygge into your summer days.

1) Keep it Simple

Alright, so hygge isn't just about being at home, but that's where I like to start. It's all about those little rituals that bring joy, you know? Maybe for you, it's brewing up some iced jasmine green tea in a fancy pot. Or heck, maybe it's just chilling on your porch with a cold one. The point is to slow down and savour the moment.

2) Remember Who You Are

Look, we all get caught up in the daily grind sometimes. Summer's a perfect time to hit pause and reconnect with yourself. Are you the type who recharges by being social, or do you need some alone time? No judgment either way - just make sure...

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How to Overcome the Toxicity of Hustle Culture

The alarms goes off, you're awake and you know that you are in full blown burnout, and need to find out how to overcome the toxicity of hustle culture.  

Hustle culture is the new normal. It's that nagging voice telling you to work harder, stay later, work nonstop, and relentlessly chase the next goal. In the world of hustle culture, busyness and exhaustion equal status. Taking breaks or setting healthy boundaries means you don't want success badly enough.

But this cult of toxic hustle leads to burnout, not sustainable achievement. As hustle culture becomes more mainstream, rates of stress, anxiety, depression and self-harm rise. Sadly, glorifying extremes often prevails over safeguarding health or sanity.

Warning Signs You've Bought into Toxic Hustle Culture:

  • You frequently brag about being busy, overworked, tired or how little sleep you got
  • You feel guilty if you take time to relax or have fun
  • You’re never satisfied because there’s always more to do
  • ...
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Embracing the Summer Work-Life Blend!

Let's talk about something refreshing and liberating today – the concept of "Work-Life Blend"!

Work-Life Balance vs. Work-Life Blend

We've all heard about the elusive "work-life balance," but let's be real – achieving that perfect equilibrium between work and personal life can feel like chasing unicorns! That's why, this summer, I propose we shift our focus to a more fluid and harmonious approach – the "Work-Life Blend"!

Embrace Flexibility & Integration

With the work-life blend, we're empowering ourselves to integrate our work and personal lives more seamlessly. Instead of rigidly separating the two, let's embrace flexibility! Whether it's working from a beachside cafe, scheduling team meetings during a picnic in the park , or catching up on emails from our hammocks – let's make work enjoyable, no matter the location!

Prioritize Self-Care & Mental Well-being

Our well-being is essential – always and forever! By blending work and life, we can...

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How Can We Stop People-Pleasing Others?

If I look back at my own story as a child, I learned during school that people-pleasing was a skill and it got results. From putting the pens back in the draw to seeing on report cards “Laura is a pleasure to have in class”, there were always ways that I could please people.

As a skill, people-pleasing or a part of what enables you to people-please is important. It is the ability to be empathetic, read and understand your audience in a very short space of time.

It’s important to understand that people-pleasing, isn’t the same as being kind to others.

The behaviour resides in that you will seek to make others happy, even though it may have a detrimental impact on your health and wellbeing.

It can involve you being terrified, with a physical response of being rejected by others.

How do you know if you are a people pleaser:

  1. Pretending to agree with people when you don’t
  2. Apologies even when you’ve done nothing wrong
  3. Not being able to say no even when...
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5 High Performance Habits for Entrepreneurs

The quest for more is something that is inherent as a human and especially as an entrepreneur, more knowledge, more impact and more income.

As a certified NLP Life & Business Coach who works with entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success, learning the strategies and high performance habits can change the course of your life and business trajectory.

1 – Seek Clarity

One of the biggest high performance habits for entrepreneurs is their continual journey to seek clarity, in their life and in their business. They connect with who they want to be, how they want to serve and know how to check in with self to continually re-evaluate.

Who is it you want to be in the world today and how do you want to serve?

2 – Failure is not durable

Your relationship with failure will directly impact how you experience failure. If you are looking to avoid it and are motivated with actions away from failure, your quest is to gain success only if it doesn’t incur failure,...

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