Embracing Hygge Vibes This Summer

Even though it's scorching summer outside, I've been thinking about embracing hygge vibes lately. Yeah, I know - typically it's a winter thing, but hear me out. Those Danes really know what they're doing with this whole cozy contentment concept, and I reckon we could use a bit of that chill energy year-round. So, here's my take on bringing some hygge into your summer days.

1) Keep it Simple

Alright, so hygge isn't just about being at home, but that's where I like to start. It's all about those little rituals that bring joy, you know? Maybe for you, it's brewing up some iced jasmine green tea in a fancy pot. Or heck, maybe it's just chilling on your porch with a cold one. The point is to slow down and savour the moment.

2) Remember Who You Are

Look, we all get caught up in the daily grind sometimes. Summer's a perfect time to hit pause and reconnect with yourself. Are you the type who recharges by being social, or do you need some alone time? No judgment either way - just make sure you're giving yourself what you need.

Many people think I’m an extrovert because I love public speaking and holding in-person workshops but in reality I’m an introvert. The difference between the two is for an extrovert you recharge by being social, and an introvert like me recharges by spending time alone.

Hygge and the return to focus on your home can be your chance to resolve this.  I always schedule alone time to recharge, and my husband and business partner knows when to allow me the quiet space to do just this.

3) Think your summer through

Taking some quiet time isn't just about relaxation - it's a chance to evaluate your life. When was the last time you really thought about what you want your work/life blend to look like? Summer's a great time to reassess and make some changes if needed.

4) Life coaching hack - Mix It Up

Once you've got your head on straight, why not try out some new hobbies? Even in summer, you can bring in some hygge vibes. Maybe crank up your favorite playlist while you're grilling in the backyard. Or how about a picnic in the park with some homemade lemonade and a good book? Board games on the patio as the sun sets could be pretty sweet too.

The whole point of hygge is feeling content and cozy, right? So don't stress about doing it "right" - just find what makes you feel good. Maybe for you, it's learning to embroider in your air-conditioned living room, or maybe it's having a water balloon fight with the kids. Whatever floats your boat, give it a shot and let that hygge feeling wash over you this summer!

If you are considering what you want your summer to be, why not write a letter to your future self focus on the summer over at Futureality 


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