5 High Performance Habits for Entrepreneurs

The quest for more is something that is inherent as a human and especially as an entrepreneur, more knowledge, more impact and more income.

As a certified NLP Life & Business Coach who works with entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success, learning the strategies and high performance habits can change the course of your life and business trajectory.

1 – Seek Clarity

One of the biggest high performance habits for entrepreneurs is their continual journey to seek clarity, in their life and in their business. They connect with who they want to be, how they want to serve and know how to check in with self to continually re-evaluate.

Who is it you want to be in the world today and how do you want to serve?

2 – Failure is not durable

Your relationship with failure will directly impact how you experience failure. If you are looking to avoid it and are motivated with actions away from failure, your quest is to gain success only if it doesn’t incur failure, which can lead to inaction or failure-averse strategy.

When failure is perceived as inevitable and not durable, motivation focuses towards success knowing that there is a key to success in every failure.

3 – Self Talk

Our thoughts create our reality and not just that, but the language one uses has a direct correlation with our internal state. Simply put, one can’t talk to oneself with a harsh inner critical voice without it directly impacting our mood.

This then has a direct impact on how we interpret the world around us and the challenges presented as an entrepreneur.

Pay attention to the language you use with yourself and also the tone in which you speak to yourself. If they don’t match how you would speak and what you would say to someone you cherish, then readjust to match.

4 – DNA for Success

Irrespective of what your model of success looks like, someone else has achieved your version of ‘success’ before or something very similar.

Look to those for their recipes and learnings to expedite your success and if an exception and no exact replicas, look to those who have done great things to borrow their DNA for success.

5 – Master your Untapped Potential

Your unconscious mind processes approx 2 million bits of information every second, but your conscious mind can only process 134 bits.

Learning to tap into the wealth of knowledge that resides in your unconscious mind, can unlock huge competitive advantage vaults for you.

Start by investing 10 to 20 minutes per day in meditation or mindfulness practice.

 Consistency is key when creating high performance habits. I would encourage you to apply these for 30 days and create your bespoke blueprint for success.
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