How to overcome Imposter Syndrome in 5 tips

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you don’t know enough, aren’t slim/ pretty or confidence enough/ aren’t experienced enough? Basically just not good enough to achieve your goals?

Let me tell you that you aren’t alone and it’s very common for highly successful people to feel this way to, including the amazing Michelle Obama, Tina Fey and Sheryl Sandberg, who have all publicly said that they felt like a fraud at times.

So what actually is this? It is called Imposter Syndrome and at the core, just not feeling good enough.

Here are some of my top 5 tips to start addressing your Imposter Syndrome.
1. Write down all of your strengths 
sit down and write down a list of all your strengths and positive qualities. If you find any resistance to doing this task, simply put on a blank page, “Why am I awesome.....” and just like you would tenaciously go after any other goal in your business, direct that towards answering this question.

2. Accepting Compliments
All too often if you do find resistance to doing work around Imposter Syndrome, also look at how you feel around accepting compliments. Imagine a compliment as a gift: you wouldn’t reject a birthday present would you? So why reject a compliment?

3. Create a Smile File
This is could be an email folder or fancy binder, where you keep all of the nice comments about your work and who you are as a person. It could be screenshots from your social media feed, messages or even voice mail messages.

4. Gratitudes
Daily gratitudes have been shown in many different research studies to be a great way to start your day. However they are also great to combat your Imposter Syndrome when you make at least one of the gratitudes about you.

5. Reduce negative noise
If your Imposter Syndrome is particularly loud, it is important to watch who you are spending time around as this impacts your vibrational frequency. Put simply, you are the average of the 5 people you spend time with, so make sure they are lifting you up, rather than increase the intensity of the Imposter by being negative.

What are a few of YOUR favourite times when it comes to feeling like you aren’t good enough? Share them in your Instagram Story and tag me @laurapaynestanley so I can see

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