Do you need a mind coach?

It is the stuff of business fairytales… 

a talented solo floral designer, goes in 3 years from working on her own to securing one of the most prestigious ‘floral designer in residence’ contracts in the whole of the UK, at the prestigious Four Seasons Ten Trinity.

That is exactly what the vivacious and inspiring Paula Rooney has done and is now becoming known as the rising star of the international floral designer community, sought after for luxury brides, floral design installations and even cruise ships!

Now having an in-house team of 6 plus her on-site floral design team, success like this doesn’t just happen and I’ve been working with Paula as her mind coach and success mentor.

Paula isn’t alone either, as shown on my testimonial page, but also celebrities such as Oprah, Richard Brandson, Nia Long, Leonardo DiCaprio plus elite athletes such as Serena Williams to presidents such as Bill Clinton have all worked with their own mind coach.

So what do mind coaches do that a mentor doesn’t?

Let’s first clear up that there is a huge difference between coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It is a process that supports the client in reaching deeper levels of fulfillment and success quicker and with more ease. Individuals engage a coach for many reasons and for support in any area of their life: career, business, personal transitions, relationships, financial, life balance, spirituality and more.

Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and a client to obtain information, examples and consultancy to move their business forward.

Mind coaching is about the future, the future that you desire to create, using highly crafted questions and techniques to facilitate the success that you desire.

Ultimately the recipe of success for you is individual as being a mind coach is completely unique and bespoke to you. You may never know the exact mechanics of what happens in a mind coaching session to facilitate the change, and that is okay isn’t it?

After all creating a successful life on your own terms is the goal.

However accountability plays a large part in managing progress, and together we will be making steps, strides and leaps in your progress together.

I hope that you found this blog useful and if you feel that you would like to explore the benefits of personalised 1-2-1 mind coaching, do get in touch.


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