5 Tips on How to Sell More

money sell more May 23, 2018

The reason as a mindset ninja coach that selling is so important to me is that no matter what field you are in, the impact on increasing your conversion rate, increasing your average order value and increasing your lifetime customer value has HUGE impact on your business.

The world has undeniably changed for me since I learned not just the techniques but the neuroscience behind how to sell with ease.

As a coach, I used to hate the idea of actually selling my services, it felt sleazy and pushy. And this is something that I hear from so many of my own clients too.

Clients who are tenacious and awesome at what they do, yet selling to them feels like incredibly hard work.

Here are a few quick tips that you can implement today on how to sell more:

1 – Get to Know your Customer

As an NLP Master Practitioner, we call this getting into rapport, and on a basic level, it means getting to know your customer BEFORE you launch into your sales script.

Match and mirror their behaviour and find common ground where you can build up a connection with. This doesn’t have to be in the area that you are looking to enable them to purchase on, really any commonality.

2 – Ask Questions

This does tie into point 1, but I think it is worth its own point as this is one of the biggest tips I can ever give…

Don’t try and sell your products or services until you have found out what, why and how your customer likes to purchase.

3 – Future Pace

This is a simple yet complex concept of putting your customer forward in time as though they have already purchased. Estate Agents often do this with “so how would your furniture work in this room?”. They are asking you to conceive of a time when you’ve already purchased and now you are through visualisation already moving in.

This can be translated to all industries and as an example, “As your wedding planner, what is the main area that I can help you on?”

4 – Ask for the Sale

Working with a huge variety of entrepreneurs, a very small % of them actually ask for the sale.

You will see language such as “I’ll leave it with you and you can get back to me.”

This does take courage to do and is reliant on you being confident and knowing your worth.

5 – Manage Objections

If you want to sell more accept that most people will have objections with the biggest being, I can’t afford it. Stop it being something that you are trying to avoid and embrace that it is coming.

The genius is in knowing how to manage and handle objections to get to the real truth as to why someone isn’t buying and then turn this into a sale.

Think of selling like the incredible start to a relationship.


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