5 Money Mindset Changes to do TODAY

mindset money money mindset Mar 28, 2018

What we think and feel about money becomes our reality. In other words if you are not seeing the financial success or easy with money that you desire there are likely to be some money mindset changes that need to happen.

Everyone has a relationship with money, and much like any other relationship, you learned the parameters of that relationship, and how to ‘be’ in a relationship with money when you were a child before the age of 7.

If our money story is empowering and we have an ease and flow in attracting, holding and spending money then the financial success we crave is likely to be a reality.

However if your thoughts and feelings about money are disempowering, or they are holding you back, we refer to these as limiting beliefs.

As we grow we try on these limiting beliefs and they can be reinforced by age, so overcoming them in middle to late adulthood can be a challenge.

So what can you do to get rid of those limiting beliefs about money? A simple yet hard step process called 5 Money Mindset Changes that you can do today.

Overcoming False Money Beliefs

1 – Write down a false money belief that is keeping you stuck.

This is the part where you need to dig deep and be honest with yourself to identify what it is you are actually saying or belief that is keeping you stuck.


  • Making money is hard
  • Rich people are arrogant
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money can’t buy happiness
  • I’m not good with money
  • Seeking wealth is selfish


Write how it is keeping you stuck.

Now that you’ve uncovered what the money belief is, identify exactly how that belief is keeping you stuck and working against what it is that you say you want.


Create a new positive money affirmation to address this.

What do you need to hear, that you can say to yourself to create a new belief.

“Good things are happening for me and I attract money to me easily.”

Provide evidence to support your new belief.

Want to have a great relationship with money? Think about a time when the new belief has already happened for you.

It is there the evidence that you seek, you have to want to find it. A time when you found some money floating down a street (happened when I was a child in Spain) or when you got a surprise bonus, or a client overpaid.

Seek and you shall find the evidence.

What 1 Action Step will you take today to cement into reality the new belief?

You need both positive beliefs and aligned action to achieve your goals. What can you do right now, today, to take aligned action steps towards your goals. Pitch a new idea, launch a new project, write a blog post, reach out to someone?

What limiting beliefs around money or creating wealth do you have or have struggled with in the past?

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