12 Universal Laws and how to use them

When it comes to the 12 Universal Laws, most people have heard about the law of attraction, following reading or watching the Secret, but what about the laws of vibration, cause and effect, compensation and rhythm? 

That's right, there are actually 12 universal laws, and getting familiar with the other ones can not only unlock more Universal guidance and achieve transformation, but also help the manifestation and the law of attraction along. 

Here is more about all 12 Universal Laws

Law of Divine Oneness

This profound law states that we are all interconnected parts of the same great universal presence. There is no separation between anything in existence; rather we are united in an intricate web of being.

Understanding this truth fosters greater compassion as we realize that no matter how different we may seem on the surface, at a spiritual level we share divinity and oneness. Recognizing our connection to all living beings promotes unity, harmony and care for our world.

Law of Vibration

The law of vibration decrees that everything vibrates and is sustained by energy. From the molecules and atoms that make up matter, to our thoughts and emotions, everything emits its own energy frequency. By learning to raise our personal vibration, we increase our light-quotient and connect to higher realms. We can intentionally raise our vibration by cultivating inner peace, meditating, expressing love or engaging in uplifting activities.

Lower vibrations manifest as negative or fear-based thoughts and feelings which attract more of the same. Higher vibrations create positive intentions, feelings and actions which ultimately attract abundance and wellness.

Law of Correspondence

As expressed within the Emerald Tablet, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” This esoteric law highlights the interconnected nature of macrocosm and microcosm. The patterns we see presented in our external world reflect or correspond with the ordinances of the inner worlds.

Our outer experience mirrors our internal belief systems and unconscious patterns. By exploring recurrent themes in relationships, noticeable synchronistic events or mirrored circumstances, we can discover the deeper spiritual insight being communicated to guide our soul evolution.

Law of Attraction

By focusing on and emanating positive thoughts and emotions, we activate the law of attraction, thereby attracting positive circumstances into our life. Like energy attracts like energy. This is why gratitude and appreciation are common practices – feeling thankful before receiving something sends out the vibrational cosmos requesting what we wish to manifest.

When we channel positive energy and envision healing events, people and feelings, we will attract those uplifting experiences and encounters into our world.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy 

Driven by the law of vibration, the perpetual movement of energy underscores the fact that energy is continually changing form in order for growth, transformation and evolution to take place. Whether on a universal scale or in our personal actions, nothing stands still.

We have the capability to shift stuck energy patterns by infusing intentional shifts through our interactions. Even small actions can have immense consequences when repeatedly leveraged in a particular direction. See the miraculous progress that consistent positive energy creates.

Law of Cause & Effect 

For every action there is a corresponding reaction – a ripple effect of energetic consequences. This universal law deals in both the physical and spiritual realms as our actions generate reactions and establish karmic forces.

By understanding that our current situation is the effect of not only our past deeds, but also our prevailing mindset, we can consciously orchestrate new outcomes via new causes set into motion. Every choice bears some result – we must take responsibility for our part in manifesting our life path.

Law of Compensation 

Inherent to the vibrational frequency encoded within everything is the cosmic intelligence that harmoniously balances all energies. For every expended effort or deed, there is an element of equal compensation. Seen as a sort of universal balancing scale, this law provides equilibrium to guarantee justice – those who abide in service to others are rewarded, though not always immediately or tangibly.

Have faith that those living from the heart and prioritizing spiritual values over material gain will ultimately receive abundance in right proportion.

Law of Relativity 

Everything in the universe is relative in terms of its properties, size, motion and form. Nothing is independent of its relationship to everything else. This law has much relevance on the personal development front.

Challenge and struggle are related opportunities for growth and improvement. Obstacles that seem insurmountable become surmountable through a shift of perspective – comparing the scenario to past difficulties or gaining wisdom from others’ experiences. Release judgment and self-criticism by embracing relativity.

Law of Polarity 

All aspects of existence contain polarities – up and down, light and shadow, positive and negative. Polarity represents two extreme ends of one thing along a spectrum. As energy moves it expands and contrasts intensify. The perceptions of good and bad become delineated through our values and belief systems.

However neutrality lives in the space between polar extremes. By developing inner balance we find the sweet spot beyond duality’s conflicts. Stay centred no matter what life presents, instead of being tossed about by the ever-changing tides.

Law of Rhythm 

The ebb and flow of the universe perpetuates according to intrinsic rhythmic cycles influencing natural phenomena and energy currents. Everything ebbs and flows, just like the ocean tides. Our life seasons reflect this principle as we move from periods of effort to periods of rest, activity then recuperation. Instead of fighting the natural order, flow with the currents of life.

When encountering the low tide cycles recognize the innate correlation with impending growth. Harmony comes from aligning to the rhythms.

Law of Gender 

Contrary to the binary classification of gender and sexuality, the law of gender emphasizes the masculine and feminine aspects inherent to all living beings. Male and female energies are contained within everything and everyone.

By embracing the interplay and integration of our inner masculine potencies – like courage, strength and assertiveness – and our feminine qualities – intuition, nurturing and creativity – we find inner balance. Blending these complementary aspects fosters deeper personal power to catalyse positive change in the world.

Law of Perseverance 

The cosmic forces may support us but never do the work for us. Having perseverance means dedication, determination and persistence to continue on no matter what hardships we may encounter. Anything worthwhile generally requires struggle before success.

Continuing on when we feel like quitting tunes us to the grand orchestration as we self-empower and patiently wait for the seeds we’ve sown to bear fruit. By continually applying ourselves to our aims we gain unyielding spiritual momentum. Through passionate perseverance our goals crystallize.


How to use the 12 Universal Laws

The key here is to look at all of the laws, and utilising all of the laws and not focusing too much only on one law such as the law of attraction. 

Unlocking the Universal Laws energy and power is to understand and conceptualise them in a way that makes sense to you and see how much they come up in your life. 

If you are interested in using all the laws, especially utilising the law of gender, then MasterGRIND is the perfect blend of masculine getting stuff done energy, and feminine being in alignment. 



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