You’re only one circle away from your next level.

MasterGRINDTM can help you with that.

Join the MasterGRINDTM revolution and be part of a community that doesn't just dream, but GRINDS it out until it becomes a reality!

The next circle is for Wedding Professionals only!


MasterGRINDTM is an exclusive mastermind program comprised of intimate circles of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Entry is by application only to ensure cohesion and fit.

Groups, called Circles, are capped at 5-8 members plus facilitator Laura for maximum impact.

MasterGRINDTM Circles convene for breakthrough 90-minute sessions once monthly. Members gain access to hot seat coaching, accountability partnerships, and a private online community.

Between sessions, Circles can network together, collaborating across groups. MasterGRINDTM is carefully crafted to provide the ideal blend of peer support, expert guidance, and community.

This one-of-a-kind mastermind environment enables entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and accelerate their success exponentially.

MasterGRINDTM redefines what's possible in business and life.

Do you ever feel like you're walking the entrepreneurial path alone without a core group who truly understands you?


Are you seeking deeper connections and an intimate circle of achievers who
appreciate the daily grind as much as you do?


Look no further than MasterGRINDTM - the ultimate mastermind for
hungry entrepreneurs who want to surround themselves with
like-minded peers and take their business and life
to the next level.


At MasterGRINDTM, we believe entrepreneurship is not meant
to be a solo journey. Our exclusive mastermind groups,
called Circles, provide the tight-knit community,
accountability, and support to stay focused and
keep grinding no matter what obstacles may arise.


Here’s what’s included in MasterGRINDTM:

  • Tight-knit Circles of just 5-8 motivated entrepreneurs, including myself as your facilitator
  • 90-minute live video sessions on the 3rd Thursday of each month
  • In-depth hot seat coaching to drive major breakthroughs
  • A private MasterGRINDTM portal for real-time goal tracking and 24/7 accountability with your inner circle
  • Exclusive access to discounts, bonuses, events, and surprises open only to MasterGRIND'ers.
  • Deep, heart-to-heart connections and camaraderie between sessions with fellow driven entrepreneurs.

MasterGRINDTM delivers immense value:

Find your people - your core inner circle who just gets the entrepreneurial journey •     

Stay laser-focused on your biggest goals with peer accountability •     

Gain fresh perspectives and actionable insights applicable across your diverse business interests •     

Take your revenue, impact, and fulfilment as an entrepreneur to the next level •     

Hear from current MasterGRIND'ers:

From members of the Delta circle of MasterGRINDTM:

Now is the time. Your people are waiting...
apply to join MasterGRINDTM today!

Here's how to get started:

Secure your spot in the upcoming Wedding Professionals MasterGRIND Circle for just £222/month. Or receive a bonus private strategy session when you pay annually at £2500.

Applications are approved selectively, so apply now before the next Circle fills up!

Join us and experience the power of surrounding yourself with MasterGRIND'ers who will help you unlock your limitless potential.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

Applications are selective so claim your spot today!

Applications are now open!

Applications are now open for the next
MasterGRINDTM circle - Eros - a Wedding Professional only circle!

Or sign up to the waitlist to be the first to hear about future circles

This Wedding Professional exclusive group kicks off the week of April 15th 2024 so the time to apply is now.

As a founding member of the Eros Circle, you'll help set the tone, culture and direction for the group from day one.

This is your chance to join a truly transformational mastermind full of other Wedding Professionals.

Secure your spot in Eros now before time runs out! Applications close April 8th.

Join Eros and propel your business growth, income, and fulfilment to new heights in 2024 alongside an incredible circle of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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