I'm Laura Payne-Stanley

I’m a Certified Master Success Coach, Mind Provocateur & Client Attraction Strategist for self-made Modern Entrepreneurs.

I’m the stealth weapon to leading London, UK and International service-based business owner. I’m a TEDx speaker who’s talk has been viewed over 44,000 times. I’m an international keynote speaker, certified master success and business coach and a believer in creating your desired work/ life blend...

And you?

  •  You’re ready to scale and grow your business to have more of a work/ life blend you love
  •  You’re a high-achieving entrepreneur who is on the verge of going to your next level
  • You know you have powerful gifts and are meant to do AMAZING things

"Throughout the past seven years, Laura taught me to look at the bigger picture and really, really want it! I don’t think my time with Laura is up; it might never be as she has given me a different perception to business and life.

For that, I will remain eternally grateful."

P from Hampshire

"I've been working with Laura since 2019 and I always joke with her that she is stuck with me for life. I can't imagine what my life would be like without her. When we started working together my goals were just to get support in my business as I didn't even realize the depth that is Laura when we started. She has become more than just a business advisor but she is a support system for me.

I always say she's a genius and has this uncanny way of knowing what needs to be done at every moment to better help you. I can't imagine my life without her in my corner, without her encouraging me to do greater things, and without the support she always has for me when I need it the most in my day to day life. So, she's stuck with me for life."

S from Iceland

"I’d like to start off by saying that Laura wasn’t the first coach I hired, but she was the only one who has been worth every penny without a doubt. The exponential growth in my life, my relationships, my business, my income, and most importantly, my confidence, would have taken me so much longer to do on my own, if, at all. She is all at once a trusted, confidant, sage, mentor, joyful cheerleader, and tough love queen.

Having someone so devoted in their support has made all the difference. If you’re wondering if hiring, Laura is the right decision, I can tell you now, without hesitation, that it absolutely is."

C from Seattle

Good & Random Info about Laura:

  •  I’m a TEDx speaker with my first talk “What Seduction can teach us about Customer Experience” being viewed by over 44,000 people
  •  I love creating experiences for transformation and am a certified Design Sprint Facilitator
  •  I’ve known my husband for 97.6% of my life
  •  I have achieved Clinical Foundations 1&2 in Couples Therapy
  • Rewind 20 years and managed marketing campaigns on diverse clients such as Ann Summers to National Apprenticeships, from exclusive luxury hotels to national park authorities.
  • Founded the world’s first Brand Seduction learning, which now has brand ambassadors in 8 countries
  •  I became sold out in private practice as a coach with NO website onto using desire-led marketing
  •  I’ve founded and sold multiple business alongside being a Success Coach, one with a social media reach of over ½ million
  •  I’m a certified Coach Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy
  •  Took part in my first duathlon in 2020 during the pandemic

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