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Are you willing to dream big and take action to make those dreams real?

Straight to the point – I want to help you make money doing what you love!

The quintessential English in me, is screaming ‘we don’t talk about money’ but not talking about it, doesn’t mean that we don’t think about it.

Right now you might be feeling scared, confused where to go for help and not wanting to waste money on something that doesn’t bring results.

I know that’s how I felt before I took the leap and booked my first high-level coach, without the money in the bank. But I was desperate to do what I love, make more money and get out of overwhelm.


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Whilst working through my own personal 12 week programme, even before this website existed, I was fully booked with vibrant coansulting clients who were in turn taking their own massive actions and seeing results.

That is why I do what I do – I want you to realise that making money isn’t difficult, when you follow your passion and make your business work for you.

Whether you want more time with your family, to travel the world, to go into high end boutiques and purchase what you love, to eat out as often as you wish, or to be able to combine travel and work.

Whatever you desire it is achievable with a plan.

From Stalk to Success

Rewind 15 years and following my degree, my background is in corporate communications and marketing, working in advertising agencies on diverse clients such as Ann Summers to National Apprenticeships, from exclusive luxury hotels to national park authorities.

But even before I joined corporate life I knew I wanted to work for myself, however I wasn’t from an entrepreneurial family so quietened the dreamer in me.  I worked hard, played hard, moved across the country and was by all external standards ‘doing well’.

But the Universe had other plans for me…

There I was in the middle of planning my wedding to the love of my life (aka Himself), when 6 weeks before the wedding I was without warning made redundant. I remember driving home from the office, tears rolling down my face as I felt a failure, seeing redundancy as a rejection.

As it was so close to the wedding, I put off looking for another position until afterwards, didn’t deal with my emotions and got on with wedding planning. And then 2 weeks after that my fiance’s employer went into administration.

The wedding continued as planned, and we set off on a luxury honeymoon across the US. Then one evening we were sat in our exclusive honeymoon suite in Key West watching the sunset, sipping champagne, and pondering the irony that we had no income between us.

That gnawing whisper about setting something up on my own started to grow louder again, and I listened albeit on a ‘hobby business basis’. Although I recognised this was what I wanted to do, a job opportunity came up which I took to start earning my own money again.

Long days ensued, not glamorous work and fooling myself that I liked the no pressure fun job that I had taken, but inside my entrepreneur and driven soul was dying on that shop floor. A few months later I moved back into corporate life, but my entrepreneurial spirit was being charged by an ever growing blogging business.

This hobby business evolved into becoming a professional blogger with a social media reach of over 1/2 million.

You can be Totally Successful

As a certified NLP Business & Success Coach, I see it as my role to help facilitate you to be the abundant, totally successful entrepreneur that you desire to be.  I have many tools in my toolkit to assist you, including Hypnotherapy and Creating Your Future Ⓡ Techniques and of course Neuro Linguistic Programming.

You might be looking for a co-pilot to help grow your business from 3 months to a year. I will be with you in the trenches, totally committed to your success.

Or your story might be aligned with mine as a single revenue stream entrepreneur who was tied to their desk, literally trading time for money. Adding in additional passive and recurring revenue streams can help set you free from the time for money equation.

When it comes to accountability, I refer to myself as the velvet hammer. I am committed to my clients success, yes we laugh, we might even desk dance and have music anchors, but ultimately it is a time for you to commit to tasks and projects to help you be totally successful.





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