All solutions and containers of support are individually crafted to the client.

Private Success Support.

My private success support for visionaries and entrepreneurs is designed to transform your life, well certain areas of it that you want to focus on.

The private success support follows an emerging coaching and personalised framework that is bespoke to you. Think of it like the Michelin-starred experience of the trusted advisor and coaching world.

During the program, you will remove all blind spots and blocks that are stopping you from achieving mental mastery and true freedom in your life, your business, and your relationships. To create a legacy that you love.

Because you are unique so is your experience in the LPS methodology. I am an expert in working with tenacious leaders and entrepreneurs, to create their greatest dreamed levels of legacy. I am here to serve not to please clients, and as one client said: “ LPS burrows into your soul and asks those tiny questions that create the biggest shifts”.

My clients usually work with me privately for between 6 months and a year. The success support solution is highly personalised to your specific goals. My client’s investment at this level is from £6500 to £40,000 to work with me


Relationship Support.

Whether you are the visionary or in a relationship with a visionary entrepreneur, you may have experienced your relationship changing as your empire grows.

Couples choose to work with Laura in couples mentorship to deepen their intimacy in all aspects from the business to the bedroom, and beyond. Learning how to reconnect as the power dynamic changes, learning how to communicate with their soul partner and discuss desire and libido discrepancies.

As a certified psychosexual therapist, Laura will work with the couples together and separately, during the couples mentorship program, remotely or in person.

Couples start by going through an assessment process, involving joint and individual sessions and diagnostic questionnaires before agreeing on the benefits and focus your couples mentoring.

Couples mentorship starts with an assessment process, before committing to mentorship.


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