How Instant Gratification is Killing Legacy Creation

Season #1 Episode #122

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When you’re ready to explore your legacysuccess and impact on the world, here are ways to start the journey: 

If you are looking to create a hugely impactful legacy, my one-to-one success coaching will change everything. Contact me to arrange a call to discuss how I can help you.   

Or if you are a coach/ mentor or consultant a private accelerator day and 30 days of support, can be the ideal tonic to kick start your legacy creation. 

This episode of Wielding Legacy asks a number of questions, including:

Are you looking for a disposable fix to make you feel good in the shortest time possible, such as buying an imitation print from Ikea  to implementing a 30 minute make over hack to your walls.  

Or are you looking to slow down and create something that has a soul, has depth and has a legacy that transcends you.  

A legacy that isn’t linear with a predicted path, but rather cyclical in it’s approach for you never know when the hardships and work of today because the wisdom of the future.  

So my question to you if you think of the present as a stewardship for the future, how are you using that stewardship?  

Are you seeking the instant gratification that the present day you feels drawn to?  


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