Overcoming Perfectionist Fantasies

Season #1 Episode #121

When it comes to reading the word perfectionist fantasies my long experience has shown me that 2 responses normally happen.   

The nod, that somewhere in your stomach you know that this is something for you.  Or the “I’m curious” but it doesn’t land with you straight away.  

So what are perfectionist fantasies?  

Before we dive in here, let’s go back a stage to what is the problem with having perfectionist fantasies?  As such a perfectionist fantasy is a longed-for illusion that can keep you stuck in a negative benefit frustration cycle.  

You believe that it is only your illusory perfect self who can accomplish goals, once perfection has been achieved.  

Or you believe that only the perfect launch, perfect messaging, perfect USP, perfect copy, perfect audience build, perfect audience identification, perfect need qualify.. will lead to the results that you crave.  

I have also seen this emerge with corporate clients and leadership coaching, whereby the client is: 

  • Looking for the perfect position with the perfect benefits, in the perfect location 
  • Looking for the perfect career trajectory within an organisatio
  • Wanting to manage the perfect team 
  • Wanting to attract the perfect talent  

In essence, the perfectionist fantasy can be linked to: 

  • Your whole life 
  • A perceived perfection of one aspect of your life 
  • As an entrepreneur to one element of your business 
  • In your career, your role  

The conclusion from the article so far could be a net positive from your perspective, all traits that help you create the legacy you desire.  Perfectionist fantasies can be self-motivating, a towards motivation to help you overcome challenges and achieve the success you crave.  

When you’re ready to explore your legacysuccess, and impact on the world, here are ways to start the journey: 

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