How to Move Past the Legacy Mindset that is Keeping you Stuck

coaching mindset Jun 16, 2021

It surprises me how many entrepreneurs don’t spend enough time thinking about those past legacy thoughts, feelings and mindset to move forward.

So what is legacy –

“Something that is a part of your history or that remains from an earlier time” as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary.

Legacy is so important to your success, which you might have gathered from the newly titled private weekly podcast called Wielding Legacy - because the key to unlocking your future lies in legacies.

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I know you are creating an impact in your industry. You are building a legacy for yourself and your family.

And it drives you and occupies your mind.

However, through my work as a trusted advisor to extraordinary entrepreneurs, I know you aren’t yet reaching your greatest potential. In business, your performance and in your relationships.

My clients know me as being their loudest cheerleader, believing in them even before they do, and yet you can’t enrol me in your legacy-limiting story. I’m your biggest empowering challenger as you create your ultimate legacy.

There are 3 types of legacy that make up the 3L theory as it relates to success.

  1. Past Legacy
  2. Legacy Present
  3. Legacy Future

What is interesting when you mention legacy is that for many, legacy is associated with the end of life, rather than during.

But legacy is past, present and future: it doesn’t start at the end of the road.

Your legacy grows with new experiences. Legacy is not bound by age or time. Legacy is not fixed. Legacy can serve or hinder. Legacy is yours for the creating.

In today’s learning article we are going to be focusing on the Past Legacy mindset that could be keeping you stuck.

Specifically focusing on Ancestral beliefs or patterns.

Do you have any thoughts, beliefs, values or patterns that you feel that you were born with?

Is there a history or known ancestral trauma in your lineage?

I would invite you to reflect on these questions as beliefs and coping strategies which helped our ancestors to survive can be hardwired into our DNA. Now I know you, along with many of my clients, might not be here for woo woo hippy-dippy work. You came here for business, leadership or executive high-level coaching... but bear with me.

These beliefs and patterns can come from our parents or primary caregivers, but they can also go much farther back.

An example is one client who in their lineage had ancestors who were in Auschwitz and other concentration camps. A few lived to tell the tale, and some become numbers logged in history books, a faceless series of digits to represent a life story.

During our sessions, we untangled an ancestral belief of it not being safe to stand out, or in the client’s language “flying beneath the radar”.

This ancestral wound and belief pattern showed up for the client, as recurring conflict and frustration

Having ideas and opportunities in their business that would gain more visibility, but something would always happen where the opportunity never came to fruition.

This type of legacy narrative wasn’t just about avoidance but hardcoded into her DNA as to what was safe. A primal need to stay safe at all times.

How do you know if you have a past legacy mindset that is keeping you stuck? Or an Ancestral belief to clear?

  • Identify familial habits or coping strategies
  • Hypervigilance around certain topics or behaviours
  • An internal feeling that you were “born with” certain ideas
  • Family success/failure stories
  • A heavy or negative feeling when thinking about your family history

And lastly, you are reading this and feel that it resonates that you are carrying ancestral patterns as a past legacy you are living in the present.



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