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Melissa Cross

Oh man, where do I even begin with my experience with Laura. I started this year with a million ideas and an uncertainty of where to start or how to balance it all with the craziness that is life.

Then a global pandemic hit and lockdowns came in and I was beyond thankful I had a coach to help push me through difficult times. My goals changed so many times during our 6 months time together, but Laura was able to help push me and help me feel like I wasn't just failing at things.

It was so nice being able to accept that I've been simply realigning and finding what matches my business and life goals and passions the best. I'm thankful for all of the advice and action points along this journey, and I'm looking forward to doing a mini session in the future.

Because of Laura's help and pushing, I was able to start a few different business ventures that I probably would have kept in "planning" mode otherwise. She also helped me not downplay my skill sets and accomplishments, and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

Kelly Chandler
Wedding Venue Consultant, UK

Words can’t really describe the impact that working with Laura as a private client over the past year has made on me, my business and my life but I’ll try.

She has supported me in growing enormously as an entrepreneur and business owner, helping me get out of my own way and grow my business in the ways that are just right for me and my values so that everything I do makes me happy and feels in alignment with my beliefs and where I want to get to.

My business has doubled its profits in the last financial year with Laura by my side and she has supported me to grow my business in ways that delight my clients AND allow me to benefit from less stress and more calm that comes with retained and repeat clients, leaving more time for the life goals.

During the pandemic, having Laura on team Kelly Chandler Consulting, has been the best and most essential continued investment.

Whilst goals have shifted without a doubt and there have been (and still are many wobbles along the way), Laura has supported me to take action, get more visible and helped me to launch a new programme with ease, a programme, that is now a huge asset to my business into the future

Louise Beukes
Blogger and Wedding Industry Consultant

After 8 years in the industry I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the noise and constant bombardment of ‘how to’s’, none of which worked for me.

Laura helped me to find a truly authentic approach to my sales and marketing strategies, providing a much-needed short-term cash injection, a sustainable model for growth and first significantly profitable year in business.

If, like me, you are coach averse but need help to move your business forward then you won’t regret working with Laura.

In just three short months she did more than change my business; the work we have done together has had a direct impact on my lifestyle, wealth and happiness and she is now an integral part of my business strategy going forward.

Sinem Guven
International Business Consultant, UK & Turkey

Coming from a different country and trying to set up a business was a difficult process. I can explain this feeling with one word "nightmare", but if you have a business coach like Laura it is a completely different journey.

Laura helped me to find my authentic voice. She went deep like a miner, allowing me to reach the directions that I had not discovered about myself.

She has given to me not only different business perspective but also different and effective life perspective. I loved her "velvet hammer approach". After working with her I realised that I like the challenge to myself and I can count every win even it is very small for others.

It doesn't matter you are well experienced in your business or not, in my opinion, every entrepreneur needs a supportive and reliable business coach, like Laura.

I wish I would start to work with her when I came to the UK first. I could not recommend her more highly.

Paula Rooney
Floral Designer, UK

When I first engaged with Laura as my Business Coach three years ago now I was sitting alone at my desk during our first skype call. At that time I was not drawing a wage and dealing with all aspects of the business on my own.

Laura taught me to delegate where possible so I employed an Assistant and passed over what I was able to Emily. Letting go of every aspect was difficult for me but Laura taught me to trust in freeing up my time in order to positively grow my business and client campaigns. From her advice I soon understood that it is productive, and necessary, to step away from business to help focus my mind on where I wanted my business to go.

 It’s important to me that I manage my business and family in equal measures, and with this notion I have successfully taken my business to new heights and cannot believe how far I have come. 

 I now have a PA, Client Service Manager, Studio Manager, Accountant and Brand Manager, and won a massive contract as the in-house floral designer at Four Seasons in London. 

Throughout the past three years, Laura taught me to look at the bigger picture and really, really want it! I don’t think my time with Laura is up; it might never be as she has given me a different perception to business and life.

For that, I will remain eternally grateful.

Annmarie Whatmough
Professional Make Up Artist, UK

I discovered Laura Payne Stanley on social media 2.5 years ago when I was researching coaching and personal development. I was having a pretty tough time personally and her Facebook group was the first introduction to Laura’s incredible supportive work. I admired her ‘authentic’ and honest velvet hammer approach and started to engage in the challenges and activities she created for the Boss Ladies group.

I wanted to work with her when we were first introduced but my husband wasn’t onboard with the investment and I struggled to commit to allowing myself what I considered a luxury for business women who were already successful. I booked a call with Laura and procrastinated a lot! I didn’t commit, I wish I had committed sooner but I didn’t feel ‘ready’. Laura encouraged me to follow my dreams of moving to Ibiza and asked me what was holding me back. I said my husband getting a job and she sent me on my way recommending I visualise the job. Just a few days later my husband landed the job and three months later we made the move.

It didn’t work out for us in Ibiza and we returned home, no regrets I’d missed my family and we’d struggled with childcare and schooling for my son. When I returned to the UK I continued with my business, and underselling myself.

I felt ‘stuck’ and convinced myself I couldn’t afford the coaching. Then Laura launched Elevate you and it literally changed my life. I worked through the bundles at a steady pace, with my mind in ship shape condition my body also changed I lost weight, my skin started to glow. I’ve remember how to have fun, my career has reached its full potential, I’m smashing my goals and money is flowing easily to me. But felt I needed an extra push to get clear on the next phase for me I needed help to focus on one thing at once in my businesses and I felt committing time and money would help me do that.

Making the decision to invest in coaching with Laura has been life changing for me, it a very short space of time I’ve mapped out a clear ‘simple’ strategy and I’m excited for the next phase in my life and business.

Penny Cullen
Wedding Planner & Designer

It has been such a pleasure to work with Laura over the last seven months. I wanted to restructure my business and wedding planning services and develop a business plan for the next 12 months to help me effect the change I wanted in my business.

The accelerator day I spent with Laura was invaluable, she helped me focus on what I really wanted from my business and how to shape that vision, helping me get 100% clear on my business goals and the future for Tigerlily.

We outlined a working plan for my re- structure and re -launch later this spring, with all the necessary steps to ensure success.

Laura really does have a great way of understanding you and helps you explore to actualise your vision so you can make effective change. I left the accelerator day totally inspired, with a clear plan and timeline to achieve my business goals for the next year.

Through my 1:1 sessions I got a lot of support with developing key skills, techniques and strategies to ensure I could achieve my vision for 2019 and beyond. This allowed me to develop and gain a better understanding of the different challenges I was facing and enabled me to embracing and tackle these head on with confidence and the skills required.

Laura equally has such a considered and invested approach and goes over and above to support you while coaching you. My time with Laura has given me so much more confidence, insight and the ability to achieve delivering change and development within my business in a structured and focused way. She really is an inspiring coach and I could not recommend her more highly.

Sarah Keith
Event Designer, UK

Laura- You are one incredible woman (yes the girl crush is still strong). When i decided to look into coaching, i was very dubious. I was a rabbit in the headlight and running before i could walk and spent most of my hours-days- weeks saying "i can't do this" I was so overwhelmed with the business and my personal life.

But i also knew I didn't want to become a hard-nosed business woman. I'm not the fluffy type and reaching out for help isn't in my nature....(Oh how that's changed).

My first non obligating call with Laura was incredible! I cried, laughed and my potty mouth was liberated. I very quickly decided Laura was what i needed, and signed up to a month of coaching.

Laura soon taught me to believe in myself and how to manage the "I CANT DO THIS" moments..She gave me confidence i didn't know i had. My business is still very true to me and it's booming. Laura has taught me tricks of the trade- and given me a kick up the arse - I'm awesome.

Hannah Nicolet
Wedding & Event Planner, France

Working with Laura is without a doubt one of the most valuable gifts I have ever given myself and my business. Although I have a successful Wedding Planning business, I felt that I needed help taking it to the next level, which is exactly what Laura has done…and in only 1 month!
One of the most important things she achieved was getting me to understand what makes me different from other planners and how to communicate this in my marketing. When first asked what made me different, I looked a bit puzzled and had trouble coming up with anything other than the services I offer. However, Laura’s ingenious way of questioning (she’s like a little truth-seeking mole, who buries deep until you have an ‘aha’ moment – I had many of those with her) eventually allowed me to find the answer - it was like striking gold!
I also desperately needed advice on how to work smarter, rather than harder. To achieve this, with Laura’s guidance, I have totally revamped my booking process. This has involved creating new systems that enable me to differentiate between people who are shopping around and those who are really interested in benefiting from my services. Long gone are the days of endless emails, answering question after question, and not really knowing if people will go ahead and book at the end or not. Trying to handle these types of emails (and I get a lot of them) while doing weddings back to back in the Summer, was a real issue for me and I can’t stress how happy I am to have solved this one!
As someone who works alone, having someone so knowledgeable step in and look at what you do is invaluable. I knew I was good at planning weddings, but I needed help with the sales process, my pricing structure, branding, social media, finding the perfect client, technology and funnelling – which I now have Mr P helping me with!
Working with Laura (and Mr P) has saved me hours and hours of time! I could have never achieved any of this to the same extent on my own. This woman is a miracle worker, and I was most definitely in need of one of those when I knocked at her door.

Lynne Kennedy
Wedding Photographer, Isle of Skye

Laura was recommended to me by someone I know who had worked with her and came highly recommended but to be honest, working with Laura has exceeded whatever I thought I was expecting.

My mindset has completely changed, not just towards my business but life in general. I have changed negative habitual behaviours, become much more positive in general, realised I should aim higher and can achieve so much more.

I’ve started to realise I don’t need to work constantly - I just thought I did. But by implementing better time management strategies and different ways of working, I can achieve more in less time and actually have  some time for myself/my family. I have more self-confidence in myself and my work and I feel so much better in every sense.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough.

If you have an aspect of your working or personal life (or both) that you think you could improve or you need help with, Laura is the perfect person to help you work through whatever it is and find a way to move forward positively and purposefully.

Laura is amazing!

Natalia Willmott
Designer & Interiors Consultant, UK

Laura is an amazing coach - she listens and advises but she makes your search yourself- and come out with the answers. It is very empowering. She wants you to love your life and business and tailors the sessions to you and your needs.

Laura has amazing energy and her laugh is infectious. If you are in a low "a bit of Laura' and you're on a high.

I cannot recommend her enough, she has brought out the joy in my business, helped me reach and smash my targets and taught me how to find clarity and organise my life.

So it's a hell yes to Laura and a thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stu Cooper
Wedding Photographer, UK

I’ve been in business a long time and in recent years we have found it tough. Bookings were down and it seemed like a battle to stay positive and move forward.

Working with Laura was a big investment for us but it was also a no brainer. All the time that I worked with Laura, she helped me to change my mindset through monthly coaching meetings. This last year has seen a massive shift in the way I talk and feel about my business and my own personal confidence continues to grow everyday.

I am still on this journey of growth but as a result of my work with Laura, I feel more than ever we are ready to move to the next level.

I would definitely recommend working with Laura because mindset is where it all starts and she is the master of clearing limiting beliefs.

Emma Brodzinski
Theraprist & Fertility Coach, UK

I was very nervous about starting to work with a coach. I was aware that I needed 'Business 101' and had so much to learn. Laura was brilliant. She was encouraging and challenging in just the right amounts!

She met me exactly where I was, asked insightful questions and opened up perspectives and sources of information that helped me to grow both personally and professionally.

My work with Laura changed my approach to my business and has taken in to a whole new level. I still find myself thinking "what would Laura do" when faced with a challenge. I always came away from our sessions with clear, practical steps into action as well as insights into my internal motivations and blocks.

I would have no hesitation in recommending working with Laura as she is totally professional and an expert in her field as well as being really personable and someone who takes a holistic perspective and sees you as a whole person.

Catherine Bradley
Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, UK

Before I started working with Laura, my life/business/branding was literally all over the place, in fact I think you could say I was spinning plates and very unhappy! Couldn't look at myself in the mirror, just treading water at work but no valuing myself, all the things we go through.

While I worked with Laura, she helped me focus, calm, step back and then progress personally and in my business life through meditation, journaling (which I now do everyday), visualisation

I'm so much happier, confident, calmer and actually like myself lol. I am meeting new people and my business is flowing in the direction I've always wanted it to. I'm constantly progressing and she has given me the tools to continue on my own (although I do love being in a group that you can dip in and out of for constant reassurance on those days things can throw you a curve ball).

I recommend working with Laura because...she is not afraid to kick you up the arse! She listens, directs and reassures and if you listen, take the direction, you will push yourself and your personal idea of success will start to show, it's awesome ;-)....

Victoria Cumberlege
Luxury Faux Flowers, UK

If you need help with your business or are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, then I cannot recommend Laura enough.

She has made me see the wood from the trees and I am not running around like a headless chicken any more! I now have a clear vision for the future of my company, I am more 'time' organised with a clearer head.

Laura coaches with many amazing techniques, visionary and mirror work, she will be your strongest supporter and has a wonderful amount of suggestions and advice.

I cannot recommend her more highly!

Cat Ekkelboom-White
Wedding Photographer, Austria

When I first started working with Laura I was wary about paying for another "business coach" having some previous bad experiences. But something about Laura resonated with me, so I decided to book a call to find out more.

From our first conversation I knew she was the right person to help me. Fast forward to 18 months later and working with Laura has quite honestly changed my business, and in many ways, my life. Laura helped me to focus on really embracing my niche and creating a marketing strategy to help me book my dream clients.

As someone who isn't super in to all the woo-woo, mindset stuff, Laura knows exactly how to bring in a bit of that, mixed in with the business strategy stuff too. And it absolutely worked! I'm so incredible proud of what I have achieved in the last 18 months and the growth I have seen both in my business and also in my mindset.

I have a thriving photography business that I earn a full-time living from, working with amazing dream clients from around the world.

Louise Daniel
Blogger & Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, UK

I have known and followed Laura for quite some time, so when I was looking for support with my business I knew that she was the person that I needed to help me get clarity, work on my mindset and also give me the practical advice I needed

Having worked with other ‘coaches’ before, I had become a bit disillusioned with the idea, having had little benefit. I now realise that reason my previous coaching sessions didn’t work was that the coaches I worked with simply told me what to do to grow but did nothing to help me with my mindset or get to know me/my business.

I love how she listens and it’s not a one size fits all remedy with Laura she tailors her coaching to you.

Rather than a ‘one size fits all approach’, Laura takes the time to understand you and really get to know the ‘what’s’ and ‘why’s’ before working with you which means she is able to have a tailored approach in her work.

She is incredibly knowledgeable and able to quickly drill down to any underlying issues, giving you practical advice as to how to deal with them.

Clementine & Mark Ward
Wedding Planner & Photographer, France

We have just taken a four month coaching package with Laura and have been delighted with the process. She has helped us gain clarity in our various businesses which is enabling us to take them to a higher level.

Laura is wonderful, full of energy, a great listener and adviser.

She had lots of very useful ideas and tips for us, to improve our current work and develop new initiatives.

As a self-employed person, it can be sometimes a big question to spend money on ourselves, but I strongly recommend it, it can only make us more successful!

Natalie Lupton
Award Winning Organic Hair Salon Owner, UK

Ever since I have worked with Laura my confidence in myself and my work has grown.

She has helped me with organising my work and personal life and has helped me blend them together to create the life I want.

I love how she listens and it’s not a one size fits all remedy with Laura she tailors her coaching to you.

I have over the last 6 months have grown my business and myself. I recommend her if you are serious about having the life you want.

Val Mattinson
Wellbeing and Empowerment Coach & Wedding Planner, UK

My coaching experience with Laura started over a year ago with one of the group programs and so over the last year or so I’ve experienced Laura’s fabulous coaching. I’m not one for regrets but if I had anything at all to say about looking back it would be that I wish I had started sooner. If I could turn the clock back I wish I had made that decision in my business much sooner.

There are so many reasons why my decision to work with Laura as my coach has been nothing short of life changing but there are 2 key reasons. Firstly, it has given me a renewed self and business confidence and determination and so I now take bigger and bolder steps. Secondly, it has given me much needed accountability and has helped me to take the action I know I should take.

To sum up I feel blessed and full of gratitude to work with a coach who is honest and full of integrity.

Heather Angell
Business Coach & Consultant, UK

Before I started working with Laura, my coaching business was really only just getting off the ground and I wanted to work with someone that would not only help coach me and my business but also make me better at serving my clients.

It is difficult to put into words how much Laura has helped me. Through her NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching excellence she has not only helped me double my turnover but has taught me the skills and shared essential knowledge to enable me to be a better coach to my own clients.

I recommend working with Laura because she is completely unique in her approach and she doesn’t just put you through a set process – everything was tailored to what I needed at the time. My business has really turned a corner since working with Laura and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Louise Richardson
Graphic Designer & Bespoke Wedding Stationery, UK

Before I started working with Laura, my business had a great reputation but was not focused on who my clients are. With Laura’s help I have streamlined my direction and learned to be more focused on who I target.

She has also helped with Social Media and promotion and advised on how to build my new website and how to speak to my potential new clients on there.

While I worked with Laura, she helped give me the confidence to pursue the weddings I really want by looking at my client profile and defining who that is. And also improving my confidence in speaking to both clients and the wedding industry. Whilst banishing all negative thought patterns and learning to re-wire my brain so as to not jump ahead in my assumptions.

I recommend working with Laura because she can cut through all the confusion and doubt and get to the heart of the problem and then help you to correct common mistakes that you don’t even realise you are committing.

Sam Stevens
Voice & Self Care Coach, UK

Before I started working with Laura, I didn’t have a business and was feeling a bit lost with what I wanted to do.

I have always worked in a corporate setting but knew I always wanted to design a life that was so much more than that!

While I worked with Laura, she helped me to reset my mindset about business, set goals, set up a brand new business and make action plans through her no BS style of coaching, her honesty, her kindness and by making me accountable for goals I was setting!

As a result of my work with Laura, my life and business now looks every different!

I have gone from an idea and a wish to a fully booked voice coach with a business that I can build and grow.

I recommend working with Laura because she goes above and beyond to support you and do what’s best for you. Laura has been supportive both during and outside of our sessions and pushed me to keep going when I’ve felt unmotivated. Laura has believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself and has shown me how to keep going when things get hard! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura as a coach!

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