How to Overcome the Toxicity of Hustle Culture

The alarms goes off, you're awake and you know that you are in full blown burnout, and need to find out how to overcome the toxicity of hustle culture.  

Hustle culture is the new normal. It's that nagging voice telling you to work harder, stay later, work nonstop, and relentlessly chase the next goal. In the world of hustle culture, busyness and exhaustion equal status. Taking breaks or setting healthy boundaries means you don't want success badly enough.

But this cult of toxic hustle leads to burnout, not sustainable achievement. As hustle culture becomes more mainstream, rates of stress, anxiety, depression and self-harm rise. Sadly, glorifying extremes often prevails over safeguarding health or sanity.

Warning Signs You've Bought into Toxic Hustle Culture:

  • You frequently brag about being busy, overworked, tired or how little sleep you got
  • You feel guilty if you take time to relax or have fun
  • You’re never satisfied because there’s always more to do
  • ...
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