Natalie Lupton

Award Winning Organic Hair Salon Owner, UK

Natalie Lupton

Ever since I have worked with Laura my confidence in myself and my work has grown.

She has helped me with organising my work and personal life and has helped me blend them together to create the life I want.

I love how she listens and it’s not a one size fits all remedy with Laura she tailors her coaching to you.

I have over the last 6 months have grown my business and myself. I recommend her if you are serious about having the life you want.


Val Mattinson

Business Success Strategist & Wedding Planner

Before I started to work with Laura I had lots of ideas and a sheer determination to make both of my businesses a success but I was starting to feel like I was coasting.

Coaching with Laura has given me the accountability, focus and stretch that I needed.

My sessions with her have been full of “a ha” or “hell yes” moments!

I would absolutely recommend working with Laura. She is particularly skilled at helping you to get out of your own way!


Louise Richardson

Graphic Designer & Bespoke Wedding Stationery, UK

Louise Richardson

Before I started working with Laura, my business had a great reputation but was not focused on who my clients are. With Laura’s help I have streamlined my direction and learned to be more focused on who I target.

She has also helped with Social Media and promotion and advised on how to build my new website and how to speak to my potential new clients on there.

While I worked with Laura, she helped give me the confidence to pursue the weddings I really want by looking at my client profile and defining who that is. And also improving my confidence in speaking to both clients and the wedding industry. Whilst banishing all negative thought patterns and learning to re-wire my brain so as to not jump ahead in my assumptions.

I recommend working with Laura because she can cut through all the confusion and doubt and get to the heart of the problem and then help you to correct common mistakes that you don’t even realise you are committing.


Sam Stevens

Voice and Self Care Coach, UK

Before I started working with Laura, I didn’t have a business and was feeling a bit lost with what I wanted to do.

I have always worked in a corporate setting but knew I always wanted to design a life that was so much more than that!

While I worked with Laura, she helped me to reset my mindset about business, set goals, set up a brand new business and make action plans through her no BS style of coaching, her honesty, her kindness and by making me accountable for goals I was setting!

As a result of my work with Laura, my life and business now looks every different!

I have gone from an idea and a wish to a fully booked voice coach with a business that I can build and grow.

I recommend working with Laura because she goes above and beyond to support you and do what’s best for you. Laura has been supportive both during and outside of our sessions and pushed me to keep going when I’ve felt unmotivated. Laura has believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself and has shown me how to keep going when things get hard! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura as a coach!

Sam Stevens

Fiona Lafon

Wedding & Event Florist, UK


Before I started working with Laura, I had completed my first year of business. I was pleased with how it had gone, but now wondered what I ought to do next to take it to the next level. I found that I was completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, or how to start earning a living from a job I loved.

I have known I always wanted to have a coach to help me in many aspects but always felt like I was too busy and that was a running theme. So, I took the plunge and in the middle of my busiest time of the year, I started a 90 day programme.

Within our first few sessions, Laura made some suggestions and helped me realise numerous things about my business and we set to rectify and improve these immediately.

As a result of my work with Laura, I have now launched my first online product. I feel as though I have grown as an entrepreneur but also as a woman. I have also made several more bookings for weddings next year, and looked into expanding my business in other areas whilst remaining true to myself and my brand’s identity.  Most of all, Laura has helped me truly believe that I am going to be successful and grow with my business.

I am so glad I signed up to Laura’s 90 day programme. I wish I could have Laura on speed dial for ever!

But knowing that I can always come back to her for further sessions and coaching programmes makes me feel reassured that I am not alone in my venture. I honestly think asking Laura to become my business coach was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business.

I recommend working with Laura because she is one of the most incredible, inspiring woman I have met to date. She has such a strong, positive energy about her, it is impossible not to have some rub off on you. She is also incredibly passionate about her role, and her expertise and business advice makes you see things in a different way, but always in a way that is tailored to you.

I simply cannot recommend her enough.


Rebecca Douglas

Photographer, UK

Before I started working with Laura, my business had experienced a great growth and I’d been working for a number of years at an established level but I was often feeling overwhelmed by the number of hours I was putting in to my business and felt guilty to have any downtime for myself.

I wanted to have more time freedom for rest and play as well as looking to explore some ideas that I had been mulling over for a while and kept putting them on a to do list but wasn’t taking action, allowing reactive tasks to dominate, rather than getting on with proactivity around realising ideas and dreams.

While I worked with Laura, she helped me review my whole business by guiding me through analytical techniques and this allowed us to look at why I was doing certain things and create more efficient processes, making space to start to unpack the ideas that had been sitting on my metaphorical ideas shelf for far too long.

As a result of my work with Laura, my work life balance has improved and I have been able to grow new areas of my business which has been thoroughly energising and exciting and I am looking forward to the rewards that a more diverse business will bring, while remaining true to my core values and business ethos.

The structure and routine with working with Laura has allowed me to become more objective too and I plan to have weekly check ins with myself, review work I have done and set targets to increase my accountability so I can go on realising ideas and putting them in to action!




Emma Wilson

Videographer, UK


Before I started working with Laura, my business was doing well but I was finding it difficult to move forward with it. I had many blocks and gaps in my business knowledge and need practical guidance on how to make my business more successful but balance it with my family and having a happy life.

While I worked with Laura, she helped me with everything from mindset through to taking practical actions to help my business move forward. I specialise in making Personal Branding Films but I had for nearly a year put off making my own.  Now, thanks to Laura, I have done this. I’ve learnt how to be a better employee for my apprentice and also a better mum to my boys by learning how to balance my time and make best use of the time I have for work.

As a result of my work with Laura, my life is more ‘doable’, my children are more content my husband is more grateful for having me around. My business, well that’s thriving and there’s still more to do but I am on track now, with a focus and direction. More to the point, I am happy that it’s becoming the business I want it to be and not what others think it should be.

I recommend working with Laura because she is just amazing. I have already booked onto my next 90 day coaching course as I couldn’t imagine my business or my life without her in it.


Victoria Farr

Destination Hair and Makeup Artist, UK

While I worked with Laura, she helped me to streamline my administration time and social media scheduling which meant that I could spend time outside of my business and gain a good work/life balance having quality time with my family and for myself.

As a result of my work with Laura, my destination work has increased by 60% from my original projections, thus increasing the option to travel with my work. In addition, I was able to remove freelancing for another company two days per week, which has increased my own productivity and enthusiasm and allowing me to take time away from my business 1 or 2 days per week.

I recommend working with Laura because everyone strives to be happier and healthier in all areas of their life.

Laura gives you inspiration on how to do this and space to let that breathe and for you to progress as well as the tools and knowledge on how to increase your profitability whilst achieving your dreams and desires.



Agathe Benhamou

Wedding Planner, Paris


Before I started working with Laura, my business was well developed but a bit in stagnation.

I wanted to develop a new chapter of my professional life using my knowledge and experience. I had lots of ideas, but was not able to stick it together.

While I worked with Laura, she helped me to put together all the ideas I had, looking at targeting and setting specific action points to help me reach my goals as soon as possible.

As a result of my work with Laura, I know now exactly each steps of my project
and I am sure it will be a huge success!

I recommend working with Laura because she brings you her experience and is very good understanding your goals and together working on an action plan.



Ilaria Petrucci

Photographer, UK

I started working with Laura because I am ready to bring my life and business to the next level and I got to a point where I didn’t know which next step to take to achieve this on my own.

I loved Laura’s holistic approach straight away. The mindset work is unbelievable and the way she keeps me accountable for getting things done is just what I need to…well…get things done in a whole new way and level.

Working with Laura is helping me believe in myself more, love myself more and see me through to the woman I want to become. It has only been a few weeks and I have already learnt so much.

I am extremely grateful to have found someone with such an approach, someone who knows exactly how to challenge me and someone that sees me the possibilities that I can achieve.

I am excited to continue my journey with Laura and to see what is about to unfold in the upcoming weeks I have with her.

If you feel stuck, and if you feel your business is not moving forward even though you know you are working very hard, I highly recommend working with Laura.

I knew I wanted her as my coach the minute we started our discovery session! You won’t regret it!



Beverley Edmondson

Milliner, UK


Before I started working with Laura, I was struggling to open up new work opportunities as the everyday running of the business didn’t allow me the time to develop other ideas.

While I worked with Laura, she helped me push forward with my plans through setting me tasks to complete in small bitesize pieces that was manageable with the rest of my work load but still pushed me forward.

As a result of my work with Laura, I now have a much clearer vision and the backbones in place to be able to grow other avenues of my business.

I recommend working with Laura because she makes you look at things from a new perspective and keeps you accountable to your own goals.


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