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Hi, I’m Laura Payne-Stanley


The NLP business and success coach for entrepreneurs, who are willing to dream big and take massive action to make those dreams real.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been that entrepreneur who knew that ‘something needed to change’ in order to achieve my ideal day, ideal life and ideal revenue goals.


Are you tired of working over 60 hours a week to keep your business going?


Are you feeling shackled and held back by your current business practices?


Do you see other people in your industry with a work/ life blend you desire AND the revenue to support this?


Do you see other professionals charging more than you, but don’t know how to raise your prices and attract high end clients?


I help entrepreneurs like you to design the life that they desire, take massive action and achieve results.

I understand

I’ve had multiple businesses and even though each one grew to being top in their field, I didn’t know how to grow them to be a hugely profitable business, without giving up my freedom and being tied to the office.

I didn’t have the mindset, support or business skills to charge premium rates and manage my businesses, rather than them managing me.




What was holding me back?


I thought that success was correlated to how busy I was. I thought I had to do it all by myself. I thought that struggle and exhaustion was a part of being an entrepreneur and that outsourcing was a form of cheating.


And all the time fear was guiding me: fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of having to get a ‘real job’ and fear of admitting that I wanted more.


I was desperate to change my life and business, but this desperation held me in stasis not knowing which way to turn. Read a book? Participate in a webinar? Join a group programme? Sign up to on-line courses? …aaah so many options!

The life and business blend I enjoy today didn’t happen by accident, I’m not lucky, I’m not married to a millionaire, I didn’t win the lottery – but I did invest in my own high end coaches.

And then things started to change fast!

It seems like ages ago now, but within 7 weeks of starting I was fully booked with vibrant coaching clients who were in turn taking their own massive actions and seeing results. Now as a certified NLP Coach, Practitioner of Hypnotheraphy and Creating Your Future (r) my clients continue to have the success they desire and Dream, Drive and Thrive!


I was you – I know the struggles – and I want more for you.

Testimonial by Emma Wilson, Videographer

Emma Wilson, Videographer

Inspirational. Supportive and eye-opening
Just a few words to describe my first session with Laura and the reason why I couldn’t delay in booking the 90 day coaching course. Immediately after the first session I actioned Laura’s advice and instantly secured further bookings that more than paid for the cost of the programme. I am so excited for the weeks ahead and what I can achieve under the watchful eye of Laura.
Testimonial by Rebecca Douglas, Photographer

Rebecca Douglas, Photographer

You're Epic!
I felt so super charged after the session that I cracked on with making so many of the small changes we discussed and I would say so far, the impact has been mega! I am so excited about where I am going to be in 89 days.
Testimonial by Lisa Johnson, Wedding Planner

Lisa Johnson, Wedding Planner

Listens to what you need
As a result of my work with Laura, I have rebranded the business, have a weekly plan of what I need to do to continue to grow it and life is calmer! I recommend working with Laura because she listens to what you need and if like me, you don't really know what you need, she'll work it out by asking the right questions! I've already recommended Laura to several colleagues who are looking to grow their businesses.

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