You’re an entrepreneur who’s achieved a level of success already…

Now it’s time to re-define true wealth…

It’s time to re-discover the art of fulfillment.

Now is the time to go after those ‘crazy’ big projects and ideas (the ones you put on the back burner because of your responsibilities).

It’s time to stop working so hard and start working smart – Time to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour.

Today is the day to create time and lifestyle freedom – The life you really want (but don’t admit to anyone).

It’s your time.


The art of true fulfilment is about so much more than money.

You’re in the right place if you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve built up a business. You’ve worked hard and created some success already, but you find yourself working too hard, putting in too many hours and deep down you still feel like something is missing. There is a better way!


You are in the right place if you consider yourself a ‘type A’ or high achiever and you balance a lot of commitments (too many) – Your business / work, family, health and home, social circle & peers + more – Yet you feel a niggle, a yearning deep inside for something more


Because once you’ve taken care of everyone else, it seems like there is nothing left over for you.


Your life is good already, so you’re hesitant to admit that you want more (but you do AND there is nothing wrong with that). You’re a self-starter, a big hitter. You’ve built your business from the ground up. You feel blessed for all you have and yet you know that there’s still more you are meant to do / be / have.


There’s a new business to create, a product or service to launch, a lifestyle blog to design or perhaps even a non profit to bring to fruition.

Your “Crazy” Idea

You have this “crazy” idea
– Something you’d like to create or do in your business, and despite all your other achievements in life somehow, this just seems too big… out of reach.

So much so that you’re reluctant to share your idea with your family and friends. Or perhaps you did already and seeing the look on their faces made you drop the idea like a hot potato, writing it off as ‘whimsical’ you laughed along with them. Yet the idea still burns inside of you (and your soul is still calling you to create it).

The truth is when you have that feeling – That feeling there is something more you are meant to do with your life – It’s there for a reason. It is the truth.




In my experience working with hundreds of uber successful entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s these very same “crazy” ideas that actually turn out to be the great ones and bring the desired life you crave.

I’m here to stoke the flames of your bigger dream, your desired life, and show you how to make it happen.

Once the flames of desire are ignited, I’m going to lay out the concrete steps you need to take to have your idea become a reality, as I have with countless clients before you, because I know what is possible for you.

You’re Used to Doing Things By Yourself!


The thing is… You’re used to handling everything yourself. 

You’re probably wondering why you cannot seem to bring the same level of confidence to your new idea and why you keep procrastinating. You feel STUCK, unable to attain the next level you seek.

(hint: It’s because you don’t have a clear strategy, experience and the right support for this new stretch).

You have competing responsibilities and you wonder how there could possibly be time to add anything new to your full schedule.

So you write your idea off as ‘just a crazy dream’ and keep going with your business… But you feel frustrated.

Laura Payne-Stanley
Laura Payne-Stanley

There Is a Way


What if I told you there IS a way to reach the next level in your business, without burning out or sacrificing anything else that’s truly important to you.

Would you be interested?

It takes a mindset shift and a new approach.

It takes being willing to play a bigger game. It takes uncovering the hidden limiting thoughts that are holding you back (that is where my NLP training comes in).

It takes a decision…

It’s these very projects and businesses that stretch you just enough to challenge and excite you, blasting through your upper limit to take you all the way to the next level.

I’m here to lead you, to make the journey easier and to collapse the timeline.


How I Can Help You

Whether it’s writing a best seller, creating a product to sell, setting up a new stream of passive income, launching a new business or anything else you can dream of, I’m letting you know that you can create it, with the right support and expertise in your corner.

You can bring your idea to fruition, no matter what anyone else has said. I know the strategies that will help you overcome the barriers, both mental and physical, to achieve the seemingly impossible.

This is what I do.

I work exclusively with high level entrepreneurs ready to play a bigger game. Using a mixture of NLP, mindset, meditation and mentoring to uncover levels of success previously unimaginable.

In many cases the level of success achieved by my clients has been such that they’ve needed to invoke a non disclosure agreement, especially in the cases of certain clients who’ve fulfilled career goals, or who are well known celebrities.

Seeing you thrive fills me with joy.

Being quintessentially English, it’s ‘just not cricket’ for us to blow our own trumpets. At the same time I realise that it’s important for you to know my background. You’re looking for the best mentor to support you as you grow your biz and create your desired life.

As a certified NLP Coach and trained Hypnotherapist I also have a background in corporate marketing and communications. I’ve worked with clients such as Ann Summers, National Apprenticeships, luxury hotels and national park authorities.

My background allows me to bring a mixture of practicality, strategy, inspiration and a touch of ‘woo-woo’ which cultivates the absolute best in my clients, bringing results that even they didn’t think they could achieve.

The Velvet Hammer

My clients (who call me ‘The Velvet Hammer’) continue to both surprise and delight me with what they do. When they have the right guidance and someone who believes in them, anything is possible.

I can help you because I can see more for you than you can currently see for yourself and I have the practical strategies which will allow you to achieve your craziest dreams.



I work using a ‘person centred’ model. Meaning that the mentoring is all about you as an individual.

I believe that you are unique – A person with unique skills, strengths and foibles.

So the solution you need to get you to the next level will be just as unique.

I work using a bespoke 4-pronged approach to achieve the maximum results in the least amount of time:

1. Crystallise your desired life.
2. Align your ethos.
3. Choose the best strategy.
4. Execute.

Using this powerful, proven technique, we tailor it to work specifically for you, your lifestyle now and more importantly your desired life.

You are CEO of your business and your life – But now it’s time to think about how your most desired life will look.

It’s time to create it.

Whether you have a dream to “retire” your husband (I did that when my business became successful), set up a resort or create an online empire, it’s all within reach… Once you overcome the demons of fear and doubt that lurk within your own mind.

Testimonial by Paula Rooney, Floral Designer

Paula Rooney, Floral Designer

I will remain eternally grateful
Throughout the past three years, Laura taught me to look at the bigger picture and really, really want it! I don't think my time with Laura is up; it might never be as she has given me a different perception to business and life.
Testimonial by Rebecca Douglas, Photographer

Rebecca Douglas, Photographer

You're Epic!
I felt so super charged after the session that I cracked on with making so many of the small changes we discussed and I would say so far, the impact has been mega! I am so excited about where I am going to be in 89 days.
Testimonial by Emma Wilson, Videographer

Emma Wilson, Videographer

Inspirational. Supportive and eye-opening
Just a few words to describe my first session with Laura and the reason why I couldn’t delay in booking the 90 day coaching course. Immediately after the first session I actioned Laura’s advice and instantly secured further bookings that more than paid for the cost of the programme. I am so excited for the weeks ahead and what I can achieve under the watchful eye of Laura.

How I Work


I offer exclusive 1:1 mentoring in a discrete and safe environment. It’s suitable for those who are ready for the next level in life and business.

This is a bespoke ‘tailored to you’ service, especially for people who enjoy creating powerful results.

It’s for you if you’ve created a level of business success already and now it’s time for a new leg of the journey > Time to expand into a bigger game, for something more.

For your desired life.

It’s Time to Take Action


You’ve spent your life caring for others – You serve others in your business, keep your commitments, take care of your family and even give a lot to your social circles.

Now it’s time to take action for yourself. It’s your time. That “crazy” dream you have for your business is not so crazy. I’m here to show you and to help you forge the way forward, to your desired life.

You may have worked with Coaches before. The difference with me is that this work is specifically tailored to YOU.

It’s powerful and it works.

If Not Now Then When?

PS – If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that life is change. Your business changes, family dynamics change, health changes (for better or worse). So why not drive that change yourself?

Why not go for that dream that’s burning inside of you?

I invite you to imagine what is possible. I Invite you to say ‘Yes’ to yourself and your dream… Now. Today.

Fear can sometimes hold us back. However, fear is just an obstacle to be overcome. You know you’re capable of more, and I’m here to take a stand on your behalf, for that more.

Life is short. Your life is precious… And your dream is do-able! Take action TODAY.

I invite you to book your catalyst call with me and take a stand for your desired life!

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