Master the art of generating instant transformations for your clients.

23rd January 2023

12 noon GMT for 1 hour
followed by a "till you drop" Q&A session

Only 20 spaces available


Discover the 3 powerful pillars (no matter your coaching, consulting or professional services experience or abilities) to use immediately with your clients to generate transformations.

What You'll Learn on the Masterclass:

(There will be a replay of the Masterclass made available to those who can't make it live. The replay of the Q&A section will only be available to those who attended live)

  • The 3 powerful pillars to generate massive shifts for any client, every time

You will understand exactly what these principles are and how to use them in every situation from coaching, consultancy and in professional service to generate shifts for any client.

  • The crucial tool needed to be of ultimate service to your client

Become a crucial part of your client’s support team, so that they can’t wait to renew your contract or hire you again.

  • THE personal shift you NEED to become good enough to work with ANY client at ANY level

Whether your are a consultant, coach or a professional service provider by embodying this shift you WILL be able to work with any high level client, including millionaires & billionaires, industry leaders, trailblazers, luxury brands, high achievers and those who you secretly want to work with, but don’t have the confidence.

Only 20 spaces available - so register now!


Leading the masterclass: Laura Payne-Stanley takes her years of coaching exceptional entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires and self-made modern entrepreneurs, paired with her extensive qualifications including post-graduate degree, to bring you the most comprehensive coaching program on the market.

Since becoming a coach over a decade ago, Laura Payne-Stanley with no website or brand became and instant success and fully booked with ambitious clients. Since then she has impacted hundreds of lives, had a ripple effect on thousands more – and there is so much more to come.

Her innovative approach to the mind-body alignment connection, neuroscience and business mastery have led to the creation of this exclusive masterclass for those looking for quantum growth and long-term success.

At it’s simplest, this masterclass will transform you and your relationships with your clients, reducing time spent per client and ultimately becoming more in demand.


Only 20 spaces available - so register now!