Attend the first annual Elevate & Thrive LIVE event, from the comfort of your own home.

Did you want to attend Elevate & Thrive LIVE, but couldn't? You don't need to miss out!

We filmed the incredible talks from 3 amazing speakers, so you can get the knowledge, share the insight and implement the techniques to elevate you and your business to extraordinary.

The live event was on 27th January and you can now access all the content, via an online portal.

2020 Virtual ticket to Elevate & Thrive LIVE

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We’ll give you the tools to improve your business momentum and sharpen your focus so you can go back to your business with a tangible plan to INCREASE your net profits, re-boot your motivation and redress that all-important work/life balance.

"There are no limits. You can accomplish everything you set your mind to and even more!"
Laura Payne-Stanley

One Day Transformational Event

Join me, Mr P, our awesome guest speaker Marek Doyle and a fabulous tribe of business owners ready to ditch any self-imposed limits, thoughts and practices which might be holding you back.
Take the first step to extraordinary and thrive.

Guest Speaker!

Marek Doyle is a functional nutritional therapist and his work has been featured in the Daily Mail, Sky Sports, Marie Claire and Women’s Health magazine..

He has spent the last 15 years building a model of personalized nutrition, which is based on the data of 2,500 individuals, 9,000 test results and 18,000 hours pouring through the scientific literature. Get ready to have your mind blown with how to have a work/ health blend to smash your goals.

What does a day of transformation look like?

Overcome the fear and anxiety of not being good enough AKA “imposter syndrome”

Tap into extraordinary energy and health to SMASH your goals

 Re-align your business with your personal goals

Apply the Wealthness Method ® to create more profit and personal wealth

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