One to One Private Accelerator Days.

Do you crave a better work life blend, but no idea of how to turn this into reality?

Is self doubt stopping you from something that you want to do?

Are you burnt out as an entrepreneur, trading time for money?

Do you want to pack in the day job and become an entrepreneur, but need a plan?

What stops you from answering these questions and moving on yourself?


I get it, I’ve been there – that’s how I know and understand what you’re going through.

On the One to One Private Accelerator Days,
I’m here to help you create all that you desire and so much more!!!

Laura Payne-Stanley

My One to One Private Accelerator Days are designed for
wedding and wellness professionals, coaches, network marketers and
professional women looking to enter entrepreneurship.

As the name implies, this is a day that is designed to accelerate your progression and catapult you forward to achieving your goals.

You will work with me personally in a one to one setting to get clear on
your vision through dream boarding and visualisation techniques, identifying and attacking those limiting beliefs that are holding you back, creating a personalised plan for your success to reflect your income and lifestyle goals.

All in super quick time.

If you are tired of treading water and want to get the results and life you’ve dreamed of, then this day is for you!


Ready to Accelerate your Success?

The One to One Private Accelerator Days will help you to:

Set timely goals and milestones to create your dream life
Identify and break free of limiting beliefs that are holding you back
Identify what your greatest passion is and how to create a revenue stream from this
Get a clear vision of the life you are trying to create including income goals
Evaluate current revenue streams and add on additional ones
Deal with overwhelm and show you how to avoid it
Create a plan for building the Empire you desire!


What is included in a
One to One Accelerator Day?


Before the day:

  • A comprehensive Welcome Pack to complete.
  • A 1 Hour Skype to discuss the Welcome Pack and set agenda for the day.

The day itself:

  • A private One to One session from 9:30-4:30pm at an inspiring location.
  • A two course working lunch, drinks and refreshments.
  • Worksheets and Guides to assist you on your journey

After the day:

  • 1 hour Skype within 2 weeks following the Day to review progress.


1 Day Accelerator Days from £2500

Laura Payne-Stanley

At the end of the One to One Accelerator Day you will walk away with a clear vision and plan of how to move forward to achieve your goals. You will have homework in the form of action steps that we’ve agreed upon to catapult you forward and of course we will be talking in a couple of weeks to update on your progress.

The One to One Accelerator Days are offered throughout the UK, and can be tailored to a location near you.




One to One Private Accelerator Days

With Laura throughout the UK. Includes lunch, refreshments and private venue hire



“Quite simply, my 1-2-1 Accelerator Day with Laura was life changing. I can’t recommend it enough.”


I came to Laura with a successful business, looking for a greater work life balance as my work life had totally eclipsed my personal life.

Following the Accelerator I look at my life, energised with fresh new eyes and I’m so excited to accomplish so much more in business too. I’m clear on who I am and what I have to offer, confident and recharged with the tools to positively improve the quality of my life.

Thank you Laura, I am forever grateful!

Hannah Duffy
Photographer, UK



“My 1-2-1 Accelerator Day with Laura was a huge eye-opening experience.”

It was just what I needed to really dig deep and challenge myself in the places I have been avoiding challenging myself in, for fear of failure! (you know what I mean!).

It really gave me the strength and courage to look at the foundations not only of my business but of myself, and from there build a solid foundation from which I can not only create a business I can be proud of but also grow it to a higher level.

Thank you Laura, I am forever grateful!

Following the Accelerator I feel more in charge and more confident in the decisions I make in business and I have dealt with things about myself that used to hold me back every time I got closer to my goals.

The accelerator day gave me the tools I needed to overcome this and move forward towards my dreams and the vision I have for my life and my future.

Ilaria Petrucci
Photographer and Mentor, Italy and UK




Why Me?

I’ve been where you are on the journey, from being in the 9-5 and dreaming of how to jack it in and work for myself. To quitting and running a marginally profitable business, but on the verge of burnout.

Today I am running two successful businesses each with multiple revenue streams, where I provide business coaching for female entrepreneurs.

I am committed to walking the same path as my clients and sharing what to do and what not to do, to accelerate success.


In the last year alone:

I’ve spent over £10,000 on high level coaching and training.

Created a growing six-figure empire with multiple revenue streams.

Broken through my own limiting beliefs and glass ceiling that keeping me stuck.

Spent over a month travelling to places such as San Francisco, London, Ibiza, Mediterranean and explored California.

Accrued over 200 1-2-1 training hours in the last 6 months.

It is probable that although you want change, you are very settled in a comfort zone and it’s highly unlikely that you want to leave.

After all, we all fear the unknown. Our natural reaction is to hesitate until we have worked out all of the variables and know exactly what’s happening.

That is exactly why we remain stuck and in the same place 6 months later.

I remember the first time I booked my first high level coach and my brain was screaming “I’m going to be sick!”

That fear is natural and you will have questions.

I completely understand and it’s why you will see no “Buy It Now” button for my Accelerator Days.

If you think you are ready for change, schedule your Complimentary Ignite Your Success Discovery Call Below and we can see if my One to One Accelerator Days are right for you.

If you aren’t based in the UK, then watch out for news of International Accelerators available or I do offer an ongoing coaching programme here

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